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How the most nutritious milk powder? 6 misunderstandings of milk! A lot of mothers and daughters of Sohu want their children to absorb the most abundant nutrition, in the choice of milk powder can be hard work. Do you know, mama? If the milk powder method is improper, but it will be greatly reduced nutrition. [error with a mineral water] Maybe some mothers will think that mineral water is rich in minerals, in fact, not the more minerals absorbed, the better the baby. For the digestive function of the stomach is not perfect for the baby, the long-term use of mineral water to drink milk powder will cause the baby’s indigestion and constipation. [error two the hotter the better the water can be sterilized, this is a lot of people know, and some mothers feel that the use of hot water to wash milk powder, you can kill the bacteria in the bottle. In fact, this is not to be promoted, because the water temperature is high in the milk powder will make the whey protein to produce clots, thus affecting the child’s digestion and absorption. In addition, some of the heat unstable vitamins will be destroyed, especially some milk powder added to the immune active substances. In this way, the milk will lose the original nutrients. [three] to eat boiled milk misunderstanding left milk boil food, it saves to Chongdiao effort, but the research that has been brewing good milk powder if boil, will make the structure of protein, vitamins and other nutrients change. [this sentence mistake four more concentrated more high nutrition] "too far" in powdered milk, milk powder is too thick or too thin, not good. Milk powder containing sodium ions, the need to increase the amount of diluted water. If the milk powder concentration is too high, the baby after drinking, will increase the pressure on the wall of the blood vessels. Originally, the baby has been very weak in the capillary, so toss it, easy to cause the baby brain capillary rupture, resulting in bleeding, intelligence will be affected. [error five add milk powder after adding water] first add water or add milk powder? There is a difference between the two. Should be placed in the bottle of a certain scale of water, and then into the corresponding proportion of milk powder in order to make the appropriate concentration. [six] some misunderstanding for the brand frequently heard of a good mother milk, quickly bought for the baby to eat milk after the test, the new baby is a little discomfort, mother immediately changed back to raw milk. In fact, the baby milk powder, far less convenient, turn milk is a relatively complex process, so that the child’s stomach to adapt. That a few days can add other new foods, not sick and vaccination. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章:

Ma oil and benefits to drive I maintenance reached strategic cooperation g227

Ma Hui drive oil and maintenance of I reached a strategic cooperation in September 9, 2016, as a leader in oil technology — horse oil lubricating oil in Shanghai and the car market after the free maintenance mode to create a platform "benefit drive I maintenance" formally signed a strategic partnership. It is reported that through this cooperation, the two sides will try to be innovative in channel development and operation mode, the traditional coverage and the integration of emerging network platform, accelerate channel development process, and provide special lubricating oil for oil quality ma I maintenance through these channels and platforms, services more than 1 million Hui drive maintenance of I users, to provide more convenient the car, discount and pleasure experience for the majority of owners. The strong horse oil lubricating oil joint, a trend which cannot be halted, centuries of European oil science and technology accumulation with OEM customer service experience based on precision farming in the ground, take a walk, to become the "oil technology solutions partner of choice, for global customers to provide more high-quality, comprehensive service. In recent years, through the silk road project, Ma oil in the Chinese market launched a full swing channel coverage, and strive for the majority of owners to provide more convenient services and quality products. December 2014 free maintenance of this business model landing, I maintenance formally launched. Official data show that after more than a year of operation, the platform currently has 20000 outlets, about 1000000 contracted users, covering the country’s 341 prefecture level administrative region and the county level administrative units of 70%. The combination of the two strong, is bound to bring more benefits to the owners and security! The integration of traditional and emerging network platform coverage, horse oil and Hui drive I maintenance of cooperation will become the O2O market as a strong current Mercedes -AMG- Petronas F1 team of oil technology partners, Petronas has always been advocating innovation and breakthrough. Since entering the Chinese market, Ma on the oil by virtue of the leading technical capabilities and innovative market coverage model, and constantly explore better quality products and services, to meet the diverse needs of Chinese consumers. The cooperation between the horse oil and benefits driving I maintenance, no doubt further honor the long-term commitment to Chinese consumers. I is Shanghai Westbrook and maintenance and the cooperation innovation projects in China and even in the world, is the industry’s unprecedented initiative. Through cooperation with PICC, I maintenance to achieve a true sense of the online booking, free maintenance under the line". This kind of insurance to buy free maintenance throughout the year, the new model was launched, it won the trust of many owners. Shanghai recently announced the establishment of Westbrook and Westbrook finance, issued a "white car" and a series of financial products and financial Jingdong, has injected new vitality into the shop channel. Zhuang Yanhao, general manager of Greater China Petroleum oil horse, said: Ma oil for the project investment has been from the level of product support, to deepen the development of the channel. In the past period of time, Ma oil accumulation through the silk road project, the coverage of the traditional channels has reached a considerable scale. This time we hope that with the benefits of this new car maintenance I cross platform together, with the horse oil "Silk Road" project, in the supply and service on the network, the traditional coverage and the integration of emerging network platform, contact!相关的主题文章:

The commission investigating western institutions IMC alleged last summer a short kaya scodelario

The commission investigating western institutions IMC alleged last summer short A shares stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks in Beijing on the evening of 25 British "Financial Times" reported that the Commission is investigating China to summer Chinese stock market in Holland trading IMC in the China futures market the doings. This is the second Western institutions due to the market turmoil led to the Chinese regulators. In recent years, high-frequency trading has become increasingly popular with Chinese brokerages and hedge funds, but it has been small. In late 2015, after China’s stock market plunged in 6, high-frequency trading caused a strong reaction. The first because the malicious short and the Commission is to investigate the western institutions hedge fund giant Citadel investment group. Citadel is one of the few large hedge funds that have survived for more than more than and 20 years, and the company’s annual results have been well above $20% since 1998 to the financial crisis. It can even go to Wall Street, the most famous financial advisor – former Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke. At the end of July last year at the beginning of August, Chinese commission to "malicious short sellers" war has pushed it in the teeth of the storm. More details about this matter, please look at the Sina stocks long feature "malicious short A shares of foreign forces: from the end of hedge fund giant Citadel". In September last year, China’s regulators imposed new restrictions on stock index futures, including a high level of margin for non hedging positions, which weighed on the volume of market transactions. China’s huge market there is no stock futures. IMC said on Thursday that the company has received China Commission "information", and gave full coordination, but refused to disclose details about the investigation, "IMC and Chinese Commission conducted a constructive and positive discussion. IMC confirms that the company’s futures trading activities in China comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and the provisions of the exchange, "the company said. The perception of Chinese regulators is that market manipulation and "malicious shorting" are responsible for the turmoil in the stock market last summer. High frequency trading has caused the United States and Britain and other countries including a review of regulatory agencies, investigating whether this practice violates the interests of other market participants, especially considering that high-frequency trading reached 2014, Michael – Lewis (Michael Lewis) book on the industry’s best-selling book "the lightning kid" (Flash Boys in general the effect). However, for high frequency trading are not to be intimidated. Editor: Li Li SF053相关的主题文章:

New macbook pro and 12 annual performance Really not how – Sohu Technology didadi

New Macbook Pro and 12 annual performance? After really not how Sohu Macbook Pro released new technology, Apple claims that this is the most popular in the history of Macbook Pro, and the other head of Apple fans but complain incessantly. The high price, the lack of the traditional USB interface, Touch Bar has become a target for all chicken ribs. Recently, foreign friends will be out of the new 15 inch Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro for 12 years were compared, the results make people more angry. Under the same level of configuration, the performance of CPU Macbook Pro this year compared to 2012 increase was only 8.9% to 13%, memory read speed of the growth rate was 33%, the most significant increase from GPU, an increase of 53% to 183%. This year, Macbook Pro did not use the latest Kaby platform Intel seventh generation processor, and continue to use the Intel Skylake CPU, which is many users tucao. At the same time the highest memory support only to 16GB cannot be extended to 32GB, also let the people shouted "no professional". The memory, equipped with a video card 15 inch Macbook Pro using AMD Radeon graphics cards such instead of NVIDIA graphics. All this makes many fruit powder broken heart, the netizen said that most Macbook Pro is now called black powder, but with Macbook Pro years of loyal fans, but the new Macbook Pro is really hate powder disappointed.相关的主题文章:

Good entrepreneurs don’t sell combs to monks nvidia geforce gt 740m

Good entrepreneurs not selling the combs to monks Sina Finance opinion leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Zhang Weiying was thinking of entrepreneurs to make money off, will have a very thorough understanding of human nature. Jobs does not engage in market research, but there are a lot of people to buy his products. Real entrepreneurs should not make use of human weaknesses to make money. You can sell a comb to a monk, you may sell it successfully, but it makes use of the human weakness to make money. Good entrepreneurs are not the core to sell combs to monks of Entrepreneurship: innovation, adventure I study entrepreneur for 30 years, the first article on the entrepreneur’s article published in the September 1984 "reading" magazine, 32 years now. But I really do not dare to give a definition of entrepreneurship, which may be due to the nature of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is not an ordinary person can fathom. I summarize several entrepreneurial spirit, such as he can see the opportunities for others to see, can not think of ways to think of others, others do not dare to do things, solve the others did not solve the problem, such a spirit, that we can be called entrepreneurs. Just talked about innovation adventure, in fact, can be understood from this point of view. You have to do what others don’t dare to do, which means your failure rate is very large. Most of the people we should say is the habit of too observant of conventional standards. in accordance with established guidelines, work. Some people did not love him and love out of the ordinary, too observant of conventional standards., this spirit in today mainly in the business, because we generally talk about the entrepreneur is business entrepreneurs. Of course, we are also in other areas to see entrepreneurs such as political entrepreneurs, institutional entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and we really do a good job of a university is to entrepreneurs, such as Cai Yuanpei. In fact, each of us has a little entrepreneurial spirit, because we will always face some unexpected problems to be solved. Of course, we are not everyone can become entrepreneurs, as everyone can sing, but not everyone can become a singer, so entrepreneurs or a special crowd, he in the human proportion is relatively small, this is the first thing I want to talk about. The progress of the future society, entrepreneurs still rely on imagination to promote the second point, we all human development can almost understand show and play for the entrepreneurial spirit. One hundred thousand years ago, our ancestors of modern humans out of Africa to a completely unfamiliar world, then to Asia, America and Europe, which requires the entrepreneurial spirit, so it is not difficult to understand Chinese abroad is also very entrepreneurial. Because of the universality of the spirit, we also see a lot of entrepreneurs in the real world. The entrepreneurial spirit is repressed in our human long river. In Chinese, one of the main ways we suppress the entrepreneurial spirit is the imperial examination system, we will most people with entrepreneurship education mode, imperial way to attract government service for the emperor, it is too observant of conventional standards. waste of human resources, this huge. When)相关的主题文章: