37Baotou’s most popular hot pot upgrade, these new tricks you eat it – Sohu to eat and drink|Baotou’s most popular hot pot upgrade, these new tricks you eat it – Sohu to eat and drink4

Baotou’s most popular hot pot upgrade, these new tricks you eat it? Baotou Sohu as a snack and I think the most sad thing is a lot like no, sea fishing, grandma, fresh taro, nice to meet you, first-tier cities popular brands do not know why it is not Baotou. However, the Baotou hot pot restaurant you may have heard, but did not have a detailed understanding of its background. Star restaurant in the past two years to open the restaurant hot spicy hot, but Baotou seems to be only a star restaurant Oh ~ ~ Shanghai host Ding Xiaofeng, you may not have heard of. But he’s a good friend in the circle of friends. Wang Yuelun, black, Sheenah had helped him to join in the store site, oh! As the trendsetter settled earlier Baotou Sichuan hot pot house opened fire but it drops. Door robe coat, but the shop meticulous decoration looks very fashion! The most delicate as a chain of food and beverage, had to say spicy house dishes have been very delicate. The earliest use of one-time pot, ensure the health and safety, this year the new leading pan overbearing. Hot house every time a Xindu little surprise, every dish on the table are revealing the elegant two words! This month, the new spicy house upgrade, new dishes, new prices, in the hot season to give you full temptation! A new dish trick < Fu delicious mushroom soup Yuanyang pot > immediately to the beginning of winter, a pot of warm bacteria in our stomach! Bacteria pot mainly adopts Xingbaogu, letinous edodes carefully brewed, clear soup, nourishing knock! Also added chestnut health pot yo! Be sure to taste it. < sliced chicken > it’s still a little! After the master piece of chicken cut into thin slices, then pour full Chili oil and homemade chili. This secret way, let the chicken is beyond the imagination of the fresh taste, spicy taste is more needless to say! Before Shabu, most will not point should be the chicken, the buddies can be bold to changxin! < Cameron > coriander meat pill; the name of the dish not too foreign Oh ~ ~ ~ coriander meatball is the British Prime Minister Cameron’s visit to China is the most love, eat two dishes a little vague ~ on the innovation and improvement of the original Rice-meat dumplings, coriander pill luxury upgrades want to know ~ ~ ~ what is the taste. < fresh lung > eat kawanabe countless, but the lung is the first rinse oh. The humble pig mouth to eat very slippery and tender and crispy chewing up. Eat up a little surprise sigh ~ ~ ~ < Fu spicy fresh lotus root sliding > the dish on the table a we face. This dish is called "Lotus shrimp"? Ah? Look like "blind"""! The original is the lotus lotus root and shrimp slippery, slippery shrimp fresh, do you think this two kinds of ingredients were up there will be unexpected collocation what feeling? Also carefully sprinkle the delicious roe sauce, the dish made up by a large margin! < Ximeng sheep three > in Dabu season, the delicacy fashion brand has also combined with our characteristics of Inner Mongolia, treasure, sheep sheep egg group

54Domestic cotton market shock pattern will continue to decline!|Domestic cotton market shock pattern will continue to decline!6

Domestic cotton market shock pattern will continue to decline! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The recent domestic lint spot market again adjustment, on the one hand by the extension of throwing storage expected, coupled with lower cotton yarn and fabric market into the off-season, textile enterprises started to decline, last week turnover auction prices are still lower signs of the auction was rational state reserve, the domestic cotton market lost speculation based. On the other hand is about to enter in September, the domestic major cotton producing areas relatively normal climate, many research shows that cotton production in Xinjiang is expected to steady for the better, the cotton market speculation bullish factors gradually reduced. At present, the main channel is the spot market supply state reserve auction, the auction sales price fell, traders shipments continue to increase, the market turnover scarce, textile enterprises take storage, cotton market continued weak. Because of the domestic Xinjiang cotton yield in sight, while the downstream cotton market has not improved, after nearly half a month sideways, Zheng cotton under the domestic cotton market weakness pressure sharply on Thursday, the main 1701 contract settlement price fell to 14000 yuan tons below the recent transaction price significantly closer to the state reserve. Cotton spot market pessimism rose, the market response to the buyer is not much, showing no market value. As of August 30th, the year 2011, Shandong real estate cotton reserves resale price in 13200-13300 yuan real estate three tons, cotton price 14200-14500 yuan in cash, Xinjiang three cotton 14500-14800 yuan, spot real single transaction volume decreased, the state reserve cotton trading enthusiasm cooled, speculators mentality is strong. The new year is expected to increase the market for cotton, Shandong and other places offer disadvantaged, and none of the space increases, the mainland Library of local enterprises 137 tons price in 20800-21200 yuan. With the arrival of new cotton production season, the domestic cotton market focus gradually shifted to the cotton production and market. The end of August, all the new flowers also went into the opening stage, but due to the limited amount of picking, the market is not listed, the Shandong Dezhou Xiajin area a small opening, cotton city still need time. The investigation was informed that the current cotton planting area of Shandong Dezhou Xiajin area is far better than the Wucheng area, by last year’s cotton income affect the poor, the annual planting area of 30 to 40% lower than last year, but the local cotton growing well, peach everywhere, such as the late no major natural disasters, the harvest in sight, is expected to yield in 600650 pounds, local farmers hope the higher seed cotton, hoping to sell 4 yuan pounds or more, but still need to support the price of lint, cottonseed market actual price, mature earlier or drought plots has sporadic cotton boll opening, a small amount of cotton picking, door mat with a small amount of cotton or drying them. Several local type 400 and type 200 equipment ginning enterprise maintenance has been completed, but for the new cotton ginning factory said the opening is still completely indifferent, pay close attention to the downstream product prices, the timing plan is expected mid to late 9, the acquisition of new cotton can continue to start. 30 domestic Zheng cotton slightly lower after a narrow range, the end of the day on