In order to protect the daughter’s happiness, the old man lied, but worked outside for several years 乃々果花

In order to protect the well-being of the elderly daughter working lied wandering years Li Ming reluctant to return home and his dwelling place of the Henan Business Daily reporter Cheng Shipei Wen saw Li Ming figure, he was in Zhengzhou to be a river water stinks in the sewers, with a small pot to cook to pick up. More than 10 days ago, the assistance station will send him to the train, but the train left Zhengzhou beichi a station, he ran down, walking back to the 8 days before living in Zhengzhou grassland. [story] he lied to go out to work in Li Ming Street (formerly called Li Shengli) recently by the users attention, because of his daughter in order to keep a harmonious family, that the migrant workers living in picking up stray story. His middle-aged daughter, daughter married, he went to the nursing home. Later, do not want to live in the homes for the elderly, at the daughter’s house and feel uncomfortable, 3 years ago, he said to go out to work, leaving the home. "I am old, where I go, and she has plenty of days to go."." Li Mingji said, her daughter is suffering people, born shortly after her mother ran away from home, without hearing a word about this. Later, he was too poor to keep a child, so he had to help his eldest sister. [] experience over the years has been picking up life left home, Li Ming want to feed themselves, want to earn some money from her daughter, in August this year, he went to Beijing to do security, and later because the salary is not down to go, but detained identity card. No identity card, plus no acquaintances introduced, where no one used him again, must have lived a vagabond life. More than a year ago, he came to Zhengzhou. There’s no living in Zhengzhou, either. "Out of work, have reached this level, can not work."." He said. No work, no food, he tried to pick up some bottles sold, change noodles, eat, sometimes encounter bad weather, can not pick things, "hungry for one or two days is also a common thing.". Hungry, and pick up leftovers." And most of the sleeping places were some open spaces, and Li Mingji said, "look for a broken wall, and put a plastic cloth on it, and you can make it.". [homesick] sitting home on the train and midway back to the end of 10, Li Ming remember that after the cemetery life was exposed, there are good people sent him to Zhengzhou city rescue station. A kind of cloud said, "the next big rain, his room and bed quilt is all wet, and certainly not to live." So they sent him away. After stopping for a day, the staff bought him a train ticket to his hometown. When the train came out from the Zhengzhou Railway Station, he reached the first stop in the middle of the road, and he gave up the idea of going home. He walked along the railway for 8 days, and he walked back to the shelter in Zhengzhou. "I sat on the train and thought," I’m going to feed myself, and don’t burden my daughter. "." He said, "there are 3 rooms in the daughter’s house, the grandfather’s mother, daughter’s son in law and six children live there, and he can’t squeeze it.". For the last few days, I slept with her father in a room. Wandering outside for three years, I think ten thousand times, go back, die to death in the home." But the idea that he will soon be put out. [life] some people find a job for him to walk back to Zhengzhou in Zhengzhou, he found a rain sewer in Xushui River bridge. Pick up of the old sofa and moved to water mixing pots and pans

为保女儿幸福 老人谎称打工却在外流浪数年不愿回乡李明记和他栖身的地方河南商报记者 程时培 文 图见到李明记的时候,他正在郑州须水河边一个臭气弥漫的下水道里,用捡来的小锅煮饭。10多天前,救助站将他送上回乡的火车,但火车离开郑州北驰一个站后,他便跑了下来,徒步8天走回了之前在郑州栖身的荒草地。【故事】他谎称外出打工实则流浪李明记(以前自称李胜礼)最近被广大网友关注,是因为他为了保住女儿家庭和谐,谎称外出打工实则流浪拾荒讨生活的故事。他中年得女,女儿出嫁了,他便进了敬老院。后来不想在敬老院里住,在女儿家又觉得住着别扭,3年前,他称要出去打工,离开了老家。“我老了,走到哪儿是哪儿,她还有大把的日子要过。”李明记说,女儿也是苦命人,生下来不久她妈妈就离家出走了,从此杳无音讯。后来他太穷养不活孩子,只好让自己的大姐帮忙养大。【经历】数年来一直过着拾荒生活离家后,李明记想养活自己,也想挣点钱帮衬女儿,今年8月,他先去了北京干保安,后来因为工资发不下来想走,身份证却被扣了。没了身份证再加上没有熟人介绍,到哪里都没人再用他了,不得已过起了流浪生活。一年多前,他来到了郑州。在郑州也没有找到活干。“出来打工,都到了这个程度,打不了工了。”他说。没有工作就没有饭吃,他努力捡些瓶子卖了换点面条吃,有的时候遇到天气不好,捡不到东西,“饿上一两天也是常有的事。饿得不行了,也去捡点剩饭吃。”而睡觉的地方,大半是一些空地,李明记说,找一堵破墙,上边搭一块塑料布,便能将就。【想家】坐上返家火车又中途折返10月末,李明记住在坟地的生活被曝光后,有好心人将他送到郑州市救助站。一位好心人云先生说,“下那么大的雨,他的屋子里被子和床都是湿的,肯定不能住了。”于是,他们将他送走。在救助站住了一天后,工作人员给他买了回乡的火车票。火车从郑州站出来后一路北驰,到达中途第一站时,他打消了回家的念头,沿着铁道,历时8天,他徒步走回了在郑州的栖身地。“我坐在火车上想,我要自己养活自己,不给女儿添负担。”他说,女儿家有3间屋子,公公婆婆、女儿女婿和俩孩子六口人住在那儿,他去了挤不下。“上回去住的那几天,还是我和她公公睡一个屋。流浪在外三年,心里想了一万遍要回去,死也要死家里。”但这个想法,很快会被他自己掐灭。【生活】有人帮他在郑州找工作徒步走回郑州,他在须水河桥边找到一个能遮雨的下水道。把捡来的旧沙发和锅碗瓢盆搬到下水道里,他又开始了“新生活”。昨天,有人给他介绍了一个保洁的工作,他兴奋地去面试,“我能干活,我能养活自己。”他说,以前因为不想回家,他告诉别人的名字和家庭住址都是假的,他其实是河北省河间市果子洼乡人,而不是河南安阳人,女儿住在河北省肃宁县。他说,社会对他这么关照,他也不能一直“欺骗”。昨天,河南商报记者与果子洼乡南三里村委会推荐的河间市敬老院联系上,敬老院工作人员说,李明记确实是他们那儿出走的人员。“他是从我们这里走的,要回来我们应该也能接收。”(河南商报)加载中… 相关视频: 【拍客】六旬老人21年花费百万收养流浪猫狗 今日热图:不比尖子不做“盆景” 全警练兵提升战斗力今日热闻:安阳男子从23楼刚进电梯 电梯就滑到了18楼俩女子不愿当陪酒女 领班持刀将劝阻的人砍伤商丘7旬老人河边不慎落水 男子救人后悄然离开平顶山一男子前妻涉诉 自己的房产却被查封男子为捐献造血干细胞等了6年 每天坚持锻炼相关的主题文章: