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2016 China top 100 city rankings released Xi’an Yulin Xianyang list reporter Zhang Fuqiang reported October 20th, "2016 China top 100 cities list" list released. Yulin ranked seventieth, an increase of 2 over last year. In addition to Yulin, Shaanxi and Xi’an (seventeenth), Xianyang (eighty-sixth) list. Since 2014, with the continuous decline of coal and oil prices, the economy of Yulin, a resource growing city, has suffered an unprecedented cold wave. Two years before, Yulin in the transformation of "labor pains", the first three quarters of this year, the city’s economy shows the ease of stabilization, steady for the better. For two consecutive years on the list of "China’s top 100 cities", and progress, which also confirms the Yulin economy is on the good side of development. Chinese 100 city rankings by the economic and non economic (soft economy) two series of indicators and economic indicators, which is composed of two parts, GDP and household savings, accounted for 61.8%, non economic (soft economy) indicators by science and education, culture, health, ecological environment is composed of four parts, accounting for 38.2%. All these data are from the National Bureau of statistics. Note: video only for extended reading. Citizens praise the development of ancient city of Xi’an

2016中国百强城市排行榜发布 西安榆林咸阳上榜  本报记者张富强报道 10月20日,“2016年中国百强城市排行榜”名单发布。榆林列第70位,较去年上升了2个位次。除了榆林,陕西省还有西安(第17)、咸阳(第86)上榜。  从2014年开始,随着煤炭、石油价格连续下跌,资源成长型城市榆林的经济遭遇前所未有的寒潮。两年来,榆林在转型“阵痛”中前行,今年前三季度,全市经济运行呈现“缓中趋稳、稳中向好”的特点。连续两年上榜“中国百强城市”,且有进步,这也佐证了榆林经济正在向好的方面发展。  中国百强城市排行榜由经济和非经济(软经济)两大系列指标综合而成,其中,经济指标由GDP和居民储蓄两部分构成,占比61.8%,非经济(软经济)指标由科教、文化、卫生、生态环境四部分构成,占比38.2%。这些数据均来源于国家统计局。注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 市民盛赞古城西安发展变化相关的主题文章: