Double eleven online shopping milk powder with the best real shop to compare the screening beef怎么读�

Double eleven online shopping milk powder and the best shop to carry out a comparison of the authenticity of the screening of the best online shopping milk powder and the real shop to compare the screening. Information Times reporter Guo Ketang photo Information Times reporter Liu Fang this year eleven is coming, in order to "chop hand Festival" to get more volume, electricity providers who have resorted to exhaust all the skills for eye, big price war. Among them, the milk powder special for mother and child, the highlight of a variety of promotional dazzling. In this regard, the electricity supplier experts pointed out that mothers should purchase milk powder through formal channels, so as not to buy fake. Electricity supplier mother infant milk powder special discounts and more to enter in November, the major electricity supplier platform to start early warm-up activities, preparing for double eleven. Babe network official told reporters, good children, Wyeth milk powder products is the main push of the brand and other baby products will also have great discount. Another maternal electricity supplier honey bud responsible person also revealed that, honey bud last month to carry out anniversary big promotion, less than two days, on the platform of Aptamil infant formula 1+ section explosion models of goods were sold out. The double eleven, Aptamil infant formula will continue to introduce special offers. It is understood that has launched the November 1st red children online activities, activities will continue until November 12th. Among them, Holland imported good children (Friso). Infant formula milk powder 3 900g price 207 yuan, double eleven preferential price 163 yuan; broodstock network ricom aptamil 4 900g, double the eleven preferential price of 112.4 yuan; maternal home Mead Johnson children health A+4 children formula 900g, double eleven the preferential price of 138 yuan. Online shopping three milk powder milk powder problem is not a new problem, how to buy more at ease? The following is a list of several points for you to buy a small amount of knowledge, for your reference: 1. Product selection depends on the consumer protection mark. It is recommended to select a consumer protection logo products, such as quality assurance, truthfully description, 7 days no reason to return, fake a compensable three etc.. In addition, to choose a high degree of credibility of the shop. 2. Compare with local store products. If it is the first time to buy milk powder on the choice of online shopping, it is recommended to get the product, with the local stores, maternal and infant stores and other regular store milk powder for comparison, there is no obvious difference between the packaging. If the packaging is very different, it is necessary to immediately contact the seller, but also through the customer service hotline to confirm the milk. 3. Online shopping service is very important. In the purchase of goods, it is recommended to pay attention to whether the purchase of goods shops pay attention to after-sales. For example, in the seven days return consumer protection project products, consumers have the right within 7 days unconditional refund is not satisfied with the goods; "lost three" indicates that in the 14 days after the success of the transaction, such as buyers think that the commodity is fake, and the premise of direct negotiations with the seller failed to return the buyers next, the buyer has the right to initiate the seller’s complaints, and apply for the "lost three" claims. Expert Q & a 1. How the quality of online shopping has a problem? Sichuan embellish side lawyer affairs.相关的主题文章: