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A variety of UAV unveiled at the Zhuhai air show the civilian UAV high tech Innovation Exhibition volume countless variety of star UAV unveiled at the Zhuhai air show military and civilian "military commander" Li Xian, Chen Jiayuan Chen Zhijia, a lot of stunt, Ge Yufei and Ruan Yuanyuan children tired simply on the grounds of sleep. "Rainbow -5": "air bomb truck" pterosaur II: Plateau and strong winds can adapt to the "cloud:" fly high and fast good investigative Ventura: Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Xian, Chen Jiayuan, Chen Zhijia, Ge Yufei, the Zhuhai airshow, with "pterosaur II", "clouds" and "Rainbow 5" as the representative of the "sophisticated" drone debut, instantly blew the audience, numerous suction eye. As a high-end military UAV, they have high altitude, long endurance, and observe the characteristics of autonomous takeoff and landing hit one etc.. AVIC Chengdu aircraft design and Research Institute, deputy chief designer Dai Chuan said that at present, Chinese military UAV has been among the world’s first echelon. At the Zhuhai air show, civilian UAV record number of exhibitors. According to UAV manufacturers revealed that the current domestic consumer class or entertainment UAV market has been basically saturated, while the agricultural UAV and industrial UAV, or will usher in their blue ocean. "Rainbow -5": "aerial bomb truck" "Rainbow" series UAV developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. The "rainbow -5" is one of the leaders. "Rainbow -5" by the heavy oil piston engine more economical, through optimization, it has amazing endurance and ability to mount, can carry up to 16 missiles, is a new generation of "air bomb truck". "Pterosaur II: Plateau and strong winds can adapt to the pterosaur UAV AVIC II" research and development, can adapt to high altitude and strong winds and other complex scenes. Even more amazing is that it’s six weapons can carry 480 kilograms of weapons, has a stronger combat, adaptability and information transmission capacity. Cloud shadow: fly fast good investigation cloud shadow UAV has the Chinese version of the Global Hawk reputation, it was independently developed by China Aviation Industry group. It is 9.05 meters long, with a wingspan of 17.8 meters, the knapsack S shapedinlets, a total of 6 hanging points under the wings, can carry missiles and other small glider bomb, precision guided weapon. In addition, the "cloud" for the first time equipped with advanced WP-11C engine, the maximum flight speed of 620 kilometers per hour. Experts said that the cloud shadow jet flight mode, faster, higher, more biased in the investigation. The first day of this year the public traffic   instead of blocking the Guangzhou daily Zhuhai news (reporter Li Xian,   Chen Jiayuan, Chen Zhijia, Ge Yufei photo coverage) this year for the first time at the implementation of "P+R" interchange, exhibition core area directly to the car not only parked in the parking lot outside the transfer, this really is not blocked. Yesterday was the first day of the air show the public, reporters from the city of 8:30 in the morning, just more than and 40 minutes to smooth the show site, all the way, compared to previous years, flight 5相关的主题文章: