To the Arabia world about Chinese story (foreign experts tell the Chinese story series (1)) – Intern 下北glory days

Arabia to the world about the "China story" ("foreign expert Chinese tells the story" series (1)) – International – map Makati meters with his children. Editor’s note: in China, a group of experts from all over the world, they bring the international advanced knowledge and technology, contribute to the development of China’s own intelligence. They are a special force to help China take off, they live here, the story of the work is a wonderful story of china. From this issue, we will tell you their stories. Abbas Cady? M (Abbas  Jawad  Kdaimy) the name appeared in the people’s Daily Overseas edition. In May 26th this year the newspaper published a "dream of the Red Chamber Dream" is not popular in overseas (four in the masterpiece "The Belt and Road" series) were the words in the article: "a dream of Red Mansions" in the world of Arabia spread, so far only the foreign language press in the 1992 issue of Abbas Cady? M versions……" In order to further, Kadhim in constant efforts. A great man "fans" Cady "discovery journey China meters" officially began in the summer of 1998. But he and China’s "fate" to start earlier. "In fact, the first thing I know about China comes from Mao Zedong in iraq." Kadhim leaned from the sofa, side head, deep and carefully told reporters. "Mao Zedong is a famous man in iraq." He seems to be immersed in a certain sense of gratitude and remembrance of the memories, told reporters that he had been in Iraq as a reporter when he was full of curiosity and longing for china. "At that time, I worked for a number of foreign news agencies in Baghdad, including Chinese institutions. Why don’t you try to come to China?" This problem makes him "move the heart". "At that time, China was a very distant country for us, and we didn’t know Chinese society and culture. The knowledge we have learned in books is that China is a socialist country with a large population and a shortage of land resources. It is necessary for China to make good use of every inch of land to feed its people. But China is also great. In Baghdad in the 90s of last century, most of the books you can find about China are Mao Zedong’s books. It should be said that in the impression of the Iraqi people, Mao Zedong led a huge country to defeat the enemy, the establishment of a new China, which is a great achievement." In that year, his youngest daughter, Lina, was just a baby just a year old. Although facing the great unknown, Kadhim still chose alone China bravely set foot on land, a dream in the center. Kadhim himself described that year for Beijing and China from Iraq, he seemed full of energy a "huge factory", the opportunities are everywhere, everywhere, everywhere is new things. Here looking for a good media in Arabic Channel work he will choose immediately, the family moved to Beijing. But, you know what? In)相关的主题文章: