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Netqin, for example, why do companies want to play a tool to live? Sohu, science and technology recently, netqin announced as the date of the second quarter earnings showed no audited financial results, net Qin second quarter net revenues reached $million, $102 million 100 thousand over the same period last year decreased by 18% over the same period last year, excluding the revenue from the letter informed, Qin second quarter net revenue over the previous year growth of 24.5% over the same period. Behind the numbers worth mentioning — perhaps this is also the most important stage of Qin, mobile value-added services revenue grew 53.5% from the same period last year increased to $million, while mobile value-added services revenue growth was mainly because the show broadcast platform mobile gaming revenue and trading revenue to achieve growth — especially the former, substantial growth in revenue source show live to the rapid growth of Showself business, revenue growth of this business is 142.2%. Layout show live, ningxinjuli to build mobile entertainment ecosystem, strategic reconstruction of netqin appears to usher in the harvest period. In fact, back in history, as China Mobile Internet eleven year veteran, netqin has a deeper understanding of the strategy of "Reconstruction", it can almost be said that has gone through security, platform and service provider three identity switch through the tools of the game to the key turning point now social network Qin always seems to on the quasi China Mobile Internet development. Tilt the resources to the entertainment market is again go. Last month, netqin N+Q launched blueberry strategy, to represent the future of the two directions with two colors, N line technology, including mobile security, mobile business and mobile medical service; Q line towards entertainment, including mobile entertainment and mobile game business. This year, the new strategy is to further clarify the direction of netqin mobile entertainment, the focus of force "beauty entertainment" brand, currently netqin has beauty show, entertainment and live music show, hey, the Reds live four broadcast platform — compared to the past in the air on the lean transformation, netqin expanding entertainment layout the pace seems to be more sensitive. Set aside in the context of national entertainment, this radical is not surprising. Who knows, this is the era of live interactive communication forms one of the most important variables, show live share is needless to say, according to the China securities before the release of the "live" industry depth report shows that year, live the total size of the industry market will rise to billion yuan, of which only a live show is expected to move it will take billion yuan market scale; Analysys enfodesk also predicted that the year show entertainment market scale will reach billion yuan. In fact, it is not difficult to find, live has become a necessary option content platform, in which a menacing live wave, in addition to the traditional content platform to seize the hills, I personally watched carefully as netqin from tools to live this entry. After all, as I said before, when the real meaning of the flow has become the "number of users using X long, so even belonging to high frequency, the evolution speed of product business model is the best tool to quickly. Well, "where the attention is, the money flows."相关的主题文章: