With the birth of 99 years, an international, an unfair treatment rewrite攻略�

With the birth of 99 years, a move to the international, an unfair treatment to say a generation of entertainment for the new generation of people, and now that the new generation of idol competition is fierce, and one of the best in the minority. For example, showbiz star Wu Lei, young attractive, early exercise is also acting as a broker, the mother road escort, but make good resources to niche envy. Wu Lei, born in December 26, 1999 in Shanghai, China mainland child actor. December 2005 TV series "Fengshenbang" of Qishan "small Na Zha", from entering the road performing. In 2009, due to the presence of the sitcom "the home of aliens" in the "Tang is not bitter," a corner of the audience is well known. In August 2011, Wu Lei starred in the drama "naughty bag horse small jump" won the twenty-eighth China TV series, children flying award". In 2012, with "young heroes" hit, Wu Lei with the character "dazhangfu", won the audience more attention. In April 2013, TV series "love which is far away from me as" Meng Xiang; in August appeared in the "genuine" as The legend of Condor Hero, Yang Guo. This is not, a few days ago to go to the United States to participate in the film "the Great Wall" conference, exposed many fans can not accept the problem. Summarized as follows: 1 the company regardless of the physical condition of the artist, the schedule is too tight. On the evening of 6 the end of the film crew arrived in the morning to fly from Beijing Changsha; 7 pm Beijing fly to New York, the flight delays stranded at the airport 3 hours long flight in 13 hours; Wang Junkai intensive work and not adjust the time difference under the condition of No. 11 will return to New York from Beijing, when the night to return to Changsha film crew; 12 No. No. 13 will start shooting again fly Beijing No. 14 group activities to prepare. 2 accompanying staff at work and take care of Wang Junkai’s life repeatedly dereliction of duty, only their own. During the live broadcast, no staff to take care of clothing style in the work space, the entire indifference to the illegitimate Wang Junkai; with the car, the staff did not prevent New York; wind and snow, do not know how to let Wang Junkai three days only temporary modifications to wear a thin coat in the rain and cold, but the staff warm clothes play let Wang Junkai wait accompanied shopping. 3 clothing is not fully prepared, and often let Wang Junkai wear controversial clothes and shoes. The staff and children wear the same brand of the same series of shoes in public places, no publicity assistant knowledge; staff not as assistant living consciousness, there is no intention to take care of Wang Junkai’s daily life, often with junk food instead of dinner, but often takes care to Wang Jun kay. Then the working personnel of the things made the response, said don’t blame. However, the fans for this response, do not buy it, said fans have condemned the scold love beans, not false at all. See the idol received unfair treatment, which can heart swallow mouth foul smells. Are 99 years old boy was born, but also with the hot search of small people, entertainment and hope that the two guy hit continue to run forward, have their own bright future!相关的主题文章: