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Do you like to eat spicy food, a bowl of fried beef noodles’ pepper! Sohu and today’s small cool, because, for a piece of thin frock coat, then the cold don’t want! Don’t ask me if I’m cold, I’m not cold, I’m cool! In such a cold day, eat spicy spicy spicy food! To go cold, warm body! Like to eat spicy little sister paper, raise your hands! Ingredients: mechanism of spaghetti? Beef meat, minced bracket material: pepper sauce, ginger, salt, cooking wine against the seasoning: soy sauce, pepper oil, sesame oil, rattan salt, monosodium glutamate, leek, capsicum pepper beef noodle is born? 1, 2, and foreshank finely chopped pepper sauce, ginger, salt, cooking wine yards taste one hour 3, dry pan yards taste beef mud 4, small fire repeatedly stir fried dry 5, ginger 6, do not clip out cold after cold bowl alternate 7, noodle bowl add seasoning: soy sauce, salt, pepper oil, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, rattan, 8 noodles in boiling water 9 cooked, cooked noodles picked up drain water into the bowl, add seasoning mix 10 fast and 11, add leek flower 12, xiaomila scoop? The smell of beef Students of pepper? Beef noodles Practice Tips 1? 2, saozi oil fried heat attention, avoid fire, paste pot 3, fried after dry? Beef cold after cold preservation for saozi closed 4, each use of clean utensils, anhydrous 5? Beef noodle soup with is not dry 6, dry noodles beef smell? The number of students according to their own preferences fried beef noodle pepper add such a hardcore, is not poke in spicy your nerves! Anyway, Xiao Bian has been three thousand feet of saliva dc! Want to come to a bowl! So, with the small series like to eat spicy and no meat is not happy baby, hurry home to do a bowl of their own!相关的主题文章: