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Shares of real international financial double play, good life! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Shares of real international financial double play, good life! IPO poverty alleviation of the news, the stock market began to fall, want to make money in the Chinese stock market, it is not so easy. The stock market is still more than the missing number of outstanding figures. After the stock market crash of 2015, the market opportunity is rarely. There is no fundamental improvement in the economy, the performance of listed companies did not improve, the stock market can only do short-term. Especially after the crash, many professional fund managers are losing money, lose out flower pants. Whether it is raised a brother, or have a meal with Buffett’s star manager in 2015, stocks are losing money. Professionals are like this, people do not dare to invest money in the stock market. Just to be fading, the housing market as well as how long the strength? At the real city very popular, a satellite city of Beijing – Hebei Yanjiao prices even rose above 2 in case of flat. Money begets money in 2013, it is recommended to buy a house in Yanjiao, when the price is seven thousand or eight thousand, now appreciated by two or three times. However, by 2016, the annual salary of tens of thousands of white-collar workers, if the conditions are not sufficient, you do not have to chase this runaway prices. Have the ability to continue to develop in line, not the ability, or wait until the old children in high school to return home, happy live this life, not by the house out of life. Yanjiao and Hebei than in Qincheng prison before the leaders were much better. At present, the real estate downturn, which can be seen from the financial statements of listed real estate companies, but the government does not want prices fell. 2014 house unsalable, developers just need to run away, that proportion has very little. The government wants to cut out the big move, let people pull the financial loans to buy a house. People mind a hot, high loan plus fake divorce, house has become a lever with futures, even the wife did not own, legal marriage became illegal cohabitation. People can not fry futures experience, can only say "human Daozu, I fish" to take big risks, do not know what will be hacked. Depression is approaching, you should not rain. In fact, the money begets money, the focus of the risk is not the stock market, not the housing market, but people to maintain the livelihood of enterprises and companies. In the real estate financial bubble continued to move up, just a few years time, a low wage, low cost economic power, ultra high speed to change, the high cost, high wages and high consumption of social deformity. China’s economy has entered a severe winter. Rising prices, especially the young people in the employment difficulties, the closure of the factory, which is to see the status quo. Open a hotel coffee shop small gains, factories have been high taxes, high rents, high wages squeezed almost no living space, can only be closed batch. High cost, high prices make China completely lose the world market. The real economy began to lose the ability to attack the world. Business failures, the government does not want to foot the bill, so the introduction of CDS is a good thing, the government bailout theory相关的主题文章: