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Behind the finale: Vanke bigwigs collective silence or negotiating the 1 scheme of the evening of September 6th, Vanke’s official WeChat public number "50000 weekly" issued, "do not believe rumors do not pass rumors, people can eat melon scattered!". This is the day for the spread of the Internet is Vanke equity dispute the rumor. The article said, Vanke equity dispute in Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the opening is settled: 26% Ma, 25% Xu Jiayin, two friends, 51% of the total shareholding holding vanke. Ma served as honorary chairman of Vanke, Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of Vanke, Wang Shi Ren Vanke chief adviser. This rumor, no doubt once again set off a public speculation about the outcome of the dispute Vanke shares. [see bigwigs before riches! Public concern WeChat Phoenix Securities: ifengstock] at the beginning of August, Hengda Group Chairman Xu Jiayin accident into the Bureau of Vanke, 7 companies through its massive holdings of Vanke A (000002.HK), as of now, Hengda holdings of Vanke of shares of the company in 6.82%, becoming the third largest shareholder of vanke. This makes the complex structure of the original shareholders more complex. In the face of new spoiler, Vanke showed unexpected indifference, not before, tensions between Huarun and treasure can report and force, instead of forcing into silence. But behind the huge equity disputes, no one can see, between the surface of silence, actually the undercurrent. Xu Jiayin. Oriental IC data figure Xu Jiayin outside accident into the Bureau Xu Jiayin spoiler, set off a new upsurge of Vanke management contest. August 4th, Hengda Group ( for the first time was exposed in Vanke A (000002) on the roster of shareholders. This is the beginning of the incoming Hengda is Vanke management rights, not too many people’s expectations, but Hengda big buy Vanke style, it reflects the distinctive "Hui" style. In August 8th, Hengda has a total purchase announcement, Vanke 5% shares, completed the first placards. This means that Hengda in just 11 trading days, the cumulative cost of $9 billion 970 million, a large scale to buy vanke. In accordance with the "Securities Law" stipulates that investment issued by a listed company 5% of the shares, should be from the date of the occurrence of 3 days, make a written report to the securities regulatory authority under the State Council and the stock exchange, notify the listed company and make an announcement, and to fulfill the relevant legal obligations, commonly known as " placards; ". According to the relevant provisions of placards, enterprises can not reduce holdings of shares within six months, only from the point you can see, Xu Jiayin of Vanke’s investment is not so simple financial investment. After this, Hengda still buy vanke. Vanke in the A billboard single, many see Hengda figure meaning. In August 12th, for example, Vanke charts show, ranked first in the securities Liede Avenue business department to buy 685 million yuan in total. The securities business department of Liede Avenue refers to the special seats during the Hengda Hengda, buying Vanke, repeatedly appeared on the billboard, more coincidentally, the business department of Guangzhou Hengda center only 1 kilometers distance. As of August 15th, China Hengda Group (0).相关的主题文章: