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The car on the road today to turn right in the red Sina Technology News Beijing time on September 15th evening news autopilot Uber, after years of planning and testing, Uber today officially in Pennsylvania city of Pittsburgh for the public launch of the self driving car taxi service. During the presentation to the Wall Street journal, the Uber automatic car was able to comply with the speed limit, always in its own lane, and never ran into the yellow light (not to mention the red light). Of course, the first public road will inevitably have some problems. For the automatic driving car service, Uber CEO Travis Karan Nick (Travis Kalanick) the long-term vision is: will launch a composed entirely of automatic driving car fleet, replacing Uber currently about 1 million 500 thousand drivers, passengers and parcels and provide food service. The imagination and the Tesla CEO eilon – musk (Elon Musk) and other start-up companies agree without prior without previous consultation. They believe that the autopilot will eventually become safer than the traditional human driving a car. But it is not known when this fully automatic driving car is really on the road, although Ford is given a period of five years. This time, Uber invited about 1000 people in Pittsburgh (Uber the most loyal users experience the automatic driving taxi service). The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) executive vice president David zobi (David Zuby) said: "the test is confined to the city, the purpose of marketing seems to account for a greater proportion." Uber says the test allows it to collect feedback from consumers. Uber spokesman said: "for this, we have been thoroughly tested for 18 months, some employees have spent all their energy on the technology." Practical experience shows that there are still some problems need to be resolved. In the trial of the Wall Street journal, it was only 20 yards (about 18 yards) on the road that they encountered obstacles and caused a stop: a large truck parked in the middle of the road, crossing the center line. The Uber automatic driving car program is: in the face of this situation to stop, keep the original Lane unchanged. At this point, can only be handled automatically by the driver of the vehicle driver. This time, Uber automatic driving car is not completely automatic driving, because the trained engineers will sit in the driver’s position, in order to monitor the car’s driving conditions, so as to ensure the safety of passengers. When the automatic driving car to the center of Pittsburgh, a number of pedestrians found the difference between these vehicles, and stopped in the middle of the street discussion. At this point, the autopilot stopped, waiting for pedestrians to pass. Uber automatic driving car is modified by the Volvo XC90 SUV, the car is equipped with dozens of sensors and cameras, laser, radar and GPS signal receiver, etc.. A few minutes later, the car suddenly braked because of the approaching car as if it were going to change the line (to the lane where the car was driving). Then, automatic driving steam相关的主题文章: