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Let every day are lively lectures   Sichuan set off lectures, listen to lectures upsurge — Sichuan Channel – people.com.cn original title: let every day are lively lectures lectures, listen to lectures in Sichuan set off a boom Tao Ling Li Bo reporter Lin Ling "to abandon such thinking by the need to create a happy life with hard work. Break out of poverty Benkang road with collective wisdom." National Day has just passed, Xue Lixian County town of Krabi village Party branch secretary Gou Wei to get rid of poverty as the theme, from the lectures for the whole village Party member. The lectures as "two a" learning education carrier, our province leading cadres, theoretical experts and party workers, advanced models, grass-roots party secretary, ordinary Party members took the podium, with the party constitution and Party General Secretary Xi Jinping series of speeches and lectures to tackle poverty and actual, Shu speak off the earth lectures, listen to lectures upsurge. "Six party talk", covering members recall the May vivid lectures, the new town of Nanchong city Yilong County Anxi village Party branch secretary Peng Lingxian fresh tide. "The leader, do the poverty of law-abiding, honest people, fresh healthy guide." In May 15th, provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming at the contact point of the Anxi tide village, told a church in the village members for the party. Leading cadres take the lead, is our province to carry out one of the "six layered lectures". In addition, there are theory experts grassroots line, party workers, advanced typical classification guidance based on the model, the grass-roots party organization Secretary for Party members, ordinary Party members to practice speaking. "Professor Pei allusive, Pangzhengboyin, his class knowledge content is high and a sense of humor." Listen to the provincial Party school vice chancellor professor Pei Zeqing’s lectures report, Jiazhou prison police have thumbs. The basic line of 16 experts to the theory of the college Party school lectures, and more established "lectures teachers library, excellent teachers arrange to send lectures to the grass-roots party branch. The selection of the 20 emerged in recent years in the grassroots and dangerous missions in advanced models, interact with members face to face. In the city of Leshan on duty personnel commendation and poverty deeds after the report, the provincial transportation department of cadres shipping administration Lei Yanhong deeply moved, "traffic Front Party should take diligent work attitude, selfless dedication, the interpretation of a qualified party member’s standard and value." Open up a fresh outlook, "red flag" lectures lectures what? The "four clear" clearly put forward important meaning — "clear learning general secretary of Party Constitution and Xi Jinping series of important speech, clear absolute loyalty to the party is the most important political discipline, clear party members do not touch the bottom line, clear what to do, how to become a qualified party member of outstanding party members". Combined with the local reality, a dignified distinct, lectures around the "open up a fresh outlook quickly jump red". "Which party members know that the owners of this year’s vegetable harvest and difficulties encountered?" At the beginning of September, the city of Nanchong Jialing District Yang Zhen small temple village vegetable planting base of plastic greenhouse next to a "field lectures are. Nanchong to carry out the "villages and households to send, fields pass) Party Constitution相关的主题文章: