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Pale gold   Chengdu gold shop gold two days down to 13 yuan per gram – Sichuan channel — original title: "pale gold Chengdu gold shop gold two days down to 13 yuan per gram of people often say that gold is always shining. But this sentence may be changed. Because the gold is not always shining. The time this Tuesday (October 4th), the international gold prices plummeted, dropped by $1312 an ounce fell nearly $43 to $1269.70 an ounce, an important support breakthrough price of $1300, a decrease of 3.3%, become the biggest one-day drop since December 2013, received a June 23rd (British exit referendum) the lowest closing price. Generally speaking, the market behind the sharp ups and downs, there is often a clear fuse. From the interpretation of foreign media organizations and overnight, two on Europe and the central bank’s monetary policy towards news is undoubtedly caused arch-criminal market turmoil. One of them is the last part of hawkish Fed officials speak of the market for the fed to raise interest rates during the year is expected to continue to heat up, which help the dollar refresh more than two month highs to 96.34 pounds, also fell to $support, these are negative for gold; in addition, Bloomberg News said the European Central Bank overnight. Or will the monthly asset purchases reduced by 10 billion euros to the end of quantitative easing, or in another layer of gold face has been distressed and stepped on the foot"! International gold prices fell, the Chengdu local gold market, what impact? Yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter visited Chunxi Road district part shop, gold shop sales staff said, affected by the international price of gold fell, Chengdu gold jewelry prices also have different degrees of decline. Yesterday, a reporter from the Wangfujing Zhou Dafu Zongfu Road shop, "on October 6th (jewelry) gold price is 349 yuan, and 352 yuan in October 5th to 362 yuan in October 4th grams, grams, for the National Day activities, (buy jewelry) costs thirty percent off." In other words, 3 days time, the store’s gold jewelry prices fell by 13 yuan, sales staff said, which is related to the recent fall in the international price of gold. In the Wangfujing shopping malls, Luk Fook jewelry gold jewelry price and Zhou Dafu flat side, is 349 yuan g, and during the National Day "fee half off". This price, Luk Fook jewelry sales staff said it is because the international price of gold fell, some time ago is 360 grams, a decline of about 20 yuan." Wangfujing mall Tianxin Cheung jewellery below 300 yuan per gram mark, "the original price of 349 yuan per gram, during the National Day activities per gram of 50 yuan, 299 yuan is g." Sales staff also said that the recent gold jewelry prices continued to decline, is affected by the international price of gold." The store’s promotional activities are awesome, buy gold customers more, gold necklace, gold rings, earrings are popular consulting goods. A number of gold shop sales staff told reporters recently, the number of customers has increased, but has not yet lead to "grab the gold boom. At the scene, Ms. Lin is going to give her birthday mother a gold ring相关的主题文章: