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The 8 mother a child could be great, you on the list? Sohu 11, maternal fun and a little childish mother: see the world through the eyes of a child, you know they are not the same world and you do not know if you have not found a little childish mother will always love by all the children. The district where there is a 90 after the mother, every time I see her and her three year old children together, I feel especially happy, although the age gap is so big, but the mother no adult, but will follow the children jumping, the children in the village all love to chat with the mother to play, not to mention her own child, it is very proud to have such a funny mother! You see, the child’s self-confidence is sometimes so simple to build up! Quietly tell you: when the child crying and you can also at a loss what to do, you squatted on the ground and the children cry oh, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you do this, the child will not only stop crying, will turn to comfort you! Gradually become more sensible! 22, respect the child: the child is in you, but not your property on this point, just want to say: please do not let the children independent, arranged mom, don’t make decisions for the child! 33, do not compare: every child is the one and only, please do not say in front of him "other people’s children, most parents are actually very clear, competition is not good for children, but do not compare really hard, who call human nature is born with" jealousy vanity ".? It is difficult to not do, no matter how others show off their children, as long as you smile to hear it, you have to believe their children, believe that he is the one and only exist, believe that he is not better than the other children that is enough! 44, often smile: love to laugh mother out of the child will not be too bad you know? One study shows that when a mother smiles at her children, she becomes more brave! So every day, remember to face the mirror, no matter how the mood must let yourself smile oh. 55, speak words: honesty is the pass of the world this is easier said than done. A simple example: many parents in the children clamoring to buy something, parents often in order to appease the child promised to buy the next, or to let the children eat meal, allow children to eat to buy ice cream to eat, the parents did not seriously, the child took it seriously! So in order not to break the child’s trust in you, if you promise to give the child a thing, we must do! Only in this way, your child will grow up to be a man of integrity! After all, parents are children’s first teacher, you can not do things and how to force the child? 66, good communication and listening: you know? 99% good mothers have this feature oh! No matter what you do when you are talking to your child, look at the child相关的主题文章: