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19 insurance firms cross-border business data: holding 205 non insurance subsidiary of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! 19 insurance firms cross-border operations of big data: holding 205 non insurance subsidiaries of these subsidiary industry including electricity, energy, health care and other fields, the highway – reporter Su Xianggao September 20th, Jun Kang Renshou disclosed two notices in the insurance industry association platform China, for the establishment of the announcement of non insurance subsidiaries. In fact, according to the Securities Daily reporters incomplete statistics, there are 19 insurance companies holding a total of nearly 205 non insurance subsidiaries, subsidiaries of the main industry covering real estate, health care, e-commerce, energy and other fields. Throughout the company’s business relationship with the insurance company’s main business is not difficult to find, the majority of insurance companies and their parent company’s main business there is convergence, but there is also a subsidiary of the parent company’s main business is not related. 3 insurance firms holding 133 subsidiaries continue to broaden the scope of investment with insurance funds, as one of the largest institutional investors in domestic insurance companies, is its tentacles including infrastructure, health management, real estate, and even the energy and chemical industry, highways and other various areas, and the daily life of ordinary people, there are more and more close contact. So, in the end the insurance industry to invest in the number of non insurance subsidiaries? What is the scope of these companies? How large is the scale? With the China Insurance Association of non insurance subsidiary information disclosure gradually, more and more insurance companies cross industry data to be exposed, and non insurance subsidiary data is also reflected from the side of the insurance companies across the industry layout map. According to the Securities Daily reporters on the China Insurance Industry Association data disclosed incomplete statistics show that as of September 21st, the disclosure of the data show that 19 insurance companies holding nearly 205 non insurance subsidiaries. Among them, the non insurance subsidiary of Ping An Life Insurance, Taikang Life Insurance, Qianhai life insurance and other insurance companies more, non insurance subsidiaries only holding the 3 companies have 133, more than half of the country’s 19 insurance firms all non insurance subsidiaries. From the layout view, many insurance companies owned subsidiary of industry and the insurance business cooperation. For example, Xinhua insurance subsidiary, divided into four categories, including electronic commerce, health pension industry, industry, support center, the electronic commerce industry has 1 subsidiaries, Xinhua century Agel Ecommerce Ltd; the pension industry 4 subsidiaries, 3 Beijing, Hainan 1; health industry subsidiary 1 family support center; 3. From the registered capital, the 9 subsidiaries of 7 registered capital of 100 million yuan, the registered capital is the highest home endowment Xinhua (Hainan) Investment Management Limited, the registered capital of 1 billion 908 million yuan. Again, the non insurance subsidiaries controlled by Beijing sunshine sunshine life and estate company limited, Hainan sunshine and development limited, Gold Free Information Technology Co. Ltd., Tibet snow light Cci Capital Ltd, sun Yee Hong (Beijing) Pension Service Co. Ltd., Tibet Bo on相关的主题文章: