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In 2016 twenty the group of science and technology innovation ministerial meeting opened on 4 – Beijing new network in Beijing in November 2, (Wang Jing) of the group of twenty (G20) minister of science and Technology Innovation Conference will be held in Yanqi International Conference Center in Beijing in November 4th. This is the first time in the G20 framework to establish a scientific and technological innovation ministerial meeting mechanism. It is understood that the 20 G20 member countries, Spain, Egypt and other guests of the 6 countries, as well as the relevant international organization officials will gather in Beijing to jointly promote global cooperation in scientific and technological innovation. September 4th to 5 this year, the leaders of the group of eleventh summit held in Zhejiang, Hangzhou. Summit for the first time will be innovative growth as a key issue, with innovation and reform to fundamentally solve the problem of weak global growth, which is the first in the history of the group of twenty. The G20 ministerial meeting on science and technology innovation is the implementation of the Hangzhou summit of the group of twenty summit communique, innovative growth blueprint and G20 innovation action plan. Chen Linhao, deputy director of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of science and technology Chinese, participants will focus on the priority areas of innovation driven growth policy and practice, innovation, science and technology innovation cooperation mode, and human resources of science and technology innovation and talent exchange and many other issues were widely discussed. In addition, a series of supporting activities will be held during the meeting, including the G20 science and technology innovation Ministerial Conference preparatory meeting, enterprise innovation forum, cultural and technological activities, etc.. November 5 to 6 will also be held in the forty-fourth session of the Carnegie science and technology minister. (end)相关的主题文章: