7 dead suspects have been arrested in a series of shootings in the United States – Sohu news mentalist

The occurrence of serial shootings caused 7 dead suspects have been arrested – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent Yu] U.S. local time in northern Michigan on the evening of 20 serial shootings occurred, now 7 people were killed. According to CNN, a man was driving a Chevrolet car at various locations in Kalamazoo County shooting spree, killing 5 people in a restaurant chain, 2 people were killed in a car sales shop, there is a woman and a 9 year old children in a residential area in the gun, has been to the hospital, is not yet out of danger. Kalamazoo County deputy magistrate Paul Rakosi? Said, "a man pass, shoot on sight. Innocent people have been killed, this is the tragedy of our county. In this case, it is everyone’s nightmare." Matyas said, the suspect has been arrested, when he did not carry out any resistance. The police from the suspect’s car and found multiple weapons, "the threat to the public has been lifted". Michigan police said the suspect is a 45 year old white man, physically strong, is the Kalamazoo County Local people. He has 3 places are shot, parking lot, is currently under police interrogation. The police said that this is related to serial shootings earlier and the state’s another drive shot case, the case caused a woman injured. The "IU" news 21, said the serial shootings will inevitably lead to another round of discussion of the United States for gun control, many people have launched gun propaganda on the social networking site to the event. U.S. media reported that since Obama said to strict control the online sale of guns, guns in Michigan, trading volume increased rapidly, with a gun dealers also appeared out of stock phenomenon. According to the U.S. 21 cable news network reported that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention data show that there are more than 3.3 million people died of gun related crimes each year, including firearms, murder and Dutch act. The poll showed that 84% of Americans think should conduct background checks on people who buy guns. Reported that Americans died of gun 25 times as likely as other developed countries, caused by firearms the death rate is 10 times higher than other high income countries.

美国发生连环枪击案致7死 犯罪嫌疑人已被逮捕-搜狐新闻  【环球时报特约记者 宇可】美国北部密歇根州当地时间20日晚发生连环枪击案,目前造成7人死亡。据美国有线电视新闻网报道,一名男子当晚开着一辆雪佛兰汽车在卡拉马祖县多个地点疯狂扫射,造成5人在一家连锁餐馆死亡,2人在一家汽车销售店丧生,还有一名妇女和一名9岁的儿童在一处住宅区中枪,已经被送往医院抢救,目前尚未脱离生命危险。   卡拉马祖县代理县长保罗?马加什说,“一名男子驾车路过,见人就开枪。无辜的人被接连射杀,这是我们县的悲剧。碰到这种情况,是每个人的噩梦。”马加什称,犯罪嫌疑人已经被逮捕,当时他并未进行任何反抗。警方从犯罪嫌疑人的车里搜出多件武器,“其对公众的威胁已经解除”。   密歇根警方透露,犯罪嫌疑人是一名45岁的白人男子,身体强壮,是卡拉马祖县本地人。他共在3处地方开枪,都是停车场,目前正在接受警方的审问。警方表示,这起连环枪击案和早前该州的另一起驾车射杀案有关联,那次案件造成一名妇女受伤。   美国“IU”新闻网21日称,此次连环枪击案势必引起美国国内对控枪的又一轮讨论,不少人已经在社交网站借此事件发起禁枪宣传。美国媒体报道说,自从奥巴马表示要严管网上售枪后,密歇根州枪支交易量迅速提高,有枪支销售商还出现了缺货的现象。   据美国有线电视新闻网21日报道,美国疾病预防控制中心的数据显示,每年有超过3.3万人死于与枪支有关的犯罪,包括枪支走火,谋杀和自杀。民意调查显示,84%的美国人认为应该对买枪的人进行背景调查。报道说,美国人死于枪支的几率是其他发达国家的25倍,由枪支导致的死亡率是其他高收入国家的10倍。相关的主题文章: