A new generation of Mercedes Benz G class does not compromise the basic shape of tough image (video) pretty rhythm

A new generation of Mercedes Benz G class does not compromise with the basic shape of guy Benz all models are gradually completed renovation, recently a new generation of Mercedes Benz G class (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) overseas media have repeatedly been captured and added before the drawing of the imaginary map, we have to set off a new generation of basic G looks like. A new generation of Mercedes Benz G latest spy photos Benz new generation G imaginary map Benz new generation G exposure although the appearance is also covered with camouflage, but we will see that this is the eye of a Mercedes G level, because it still does not change the other founder of the tough guy. But hidden in the other below is after the body weight loss, due to the extensive use of lightweight materials, car body weight will be reduced by 200Kg, so as to further enhance the performance and reduce fuel consumption, while positive drag coefficient will be further reduced. This time, the exposure of the spy photos also and the media before drawing imaginary map match, including hollow style grille, bumper air inlet grid are the same. No matter from which point of view, at least we do not have to worry about G will follow the footsteps of Mercedes became beautiful. Before the exposure of the new generation of G interior – but the interior is still before the picture, can be a new generation of G with a 12.3 inch LCD screen and see the dashboard design style that G had a tough fashion and luxury. We also see that a new generation of G air conditioning air outlet of a square into a circle, although the appearance is still tough, but the interior obviously softer. Benz cash G for power, before the media speculation will be powered by gasoline and diesel two new six cylinder engine, and matching the 9 speed automatic transmission. But today’s spy shot distance, the photographer can clearly hear the sound of V8 engine, so the specific which engine mounting eventually we also can make nothing of it.相关的主题文章: