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All the feelings are part of the final test, the number of public concern "in human nature the most honest and good Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! This article from the WeChat public, "Wen said"   wrote that book; mutual support, mutual understanding, love life, soul dependent marriage, in reality I never had seen and heard. Of course, indirect or know one or two cases, such as Yang Jiang Qian Zhongshu and Stan Ding Naizhu on; for another. In reality, most still encounter and heard, "every couple has 100 times to strangle the idea, this is the norm of civil marriage. Our generation, once adult, will inevitably turn tasting a generation of marriage. Read a network survey, which said in most of the young people in the survey, evaluation of their growth environment, more than half of their parents’ lack of a common language "and" value differences "and" don’t talk "and" always arguing". In the end, more than 60% people think that their parents have a "marriage."". Now that can not see the original data sources can not ascertain the credibility of the findings. On the one hand, the older generation of marriage throughout decades of family life, often show with a trivial, vulgar, disputed, and on the other hand, straighten the eyebrow and raise the eyes; and this marriage is often criticized in combination with a solid foundation of the unbelievable.   for a long time, we have always believed that this firm foundation is called "constraint", such as moral constraints, social environment constraints, interpersonal constraints. But perhaps we despise the constraints in human nature most pure, soft and honest. I have a friend, her parents are very different from the two kinds of people:   father is a bachelor’s degree of intellectuals, engaged in the design, the mother is only a primary school education. Father mother is sensible, vulgar ramble. My mother has a headache home, following the ten brother and sister, all trouble — this yaoezi to divorce, that tomorrow to real estate, and then acquired minimum stroke hospitalization, care for. The seasons of the year did not stop time.   a friend’s mother, who is a sister, has always been one of the masters. The mouth of the children to kill the decision, once home to something immediately, first arrived at the scene, money, or even pull on her husband and daughter to help. Friends can not stand it, that this family has clearly exceeded the scope of modern families, and even violated the interests of their families. Although her father is her identity, every mother and father quarrel to the bee, but will speak for mother and things, for fear of the mother was too angry. The test of human friends more than once and dad complained: "what do you have to my mother?" The results of her father just Quxianjiuguo replied: "no before marriage, your mother is a local, good birth, or heart; I was a poor, but also poor health. Every day she did all day, two Steamed Buns, he could not bear, eat only half, the rest of the carry out to me to eat, I am afraid)相关的主题文章: