Amazon boss announced rocket development plan to send millions of people living in space freyja

The Amazon boss announced rocket development plan: to put millions of people into space life the Amazon boss announced a new rocket development plan: to put millions of people into space life source: surging News America September 12th, Amazon Co founder and CEO Geoff · (Jeff Bezos); Bezos announced, blue origin space exploration company he founded the Blue (Origin) launched a reusable high thrust rocket development plan. The rocket, which is scheduled to be launched in 2020, will eventually be able to send commercial satellites and humans to near earth orbit or deep space, making it an important launch vehicle for commercial launch in the United states. The rocket was named after the famous American astronaut John · (John) in 1960s. It was called "new" (New Glenn) (Glenn). "New Glen" rocket will be equipped with seven main engines, height of up to 310 feet (about 94.5 meters). If Bezos can really rocket launch in 2020 in accordance with the plan, he will be in the field of commercial rocket, and Tesla founder Elon Musk · (Elon Musk)’s SpaceX launched Diamond cuts diamond. contest. Bezos said that the blue origin of the new Glen rocket derived technology will eventually be able to push the spacecraft deep into the solar system. Blue origin of the existing "" (New Sheperd) thruster, is designed to carry a space capsule, with space tourists to suborbital flight. The propeller made history at the end of last year – it flew to the edge of the atmosphere, and returned to earth’s surface vertically. Who grew up is a "space geek" Bezos, in "back new Shepard", has been the media remain silent, also have to avoid any association with the Federal Space programme. But after the new Shepard was successfully recovered, he excitedly said: This is one of the best moments of my life." From left to right, respectively, the "new Glen" two rockets, "new Glen" rocket, the new "three" landing booster, "". Bezos has always kept a low profile for the strategic objectives of the blue origin, the issue of the state of the hair through e-mail and social networking, synchronized high-profile announcement of the future outlook is rare behavior. Bezos said in a message, "the new Glen is designed to launch a commercial satellite and manned in space", a three level version and a more advanced version of the hydrogen engine, will be able to transcend relatively low orbit of the international space station, execute the specified flight task. In the last email, Bezos also wrote: "our expectation is that millions of people can live and work in space, a very important step is the new Glen, but certainly not the last step." A hint of his space exploration ambitions far more to launch satellites and spaceship travel the solar system. Bezos from materials provided, the "new Glen" rocket volume may exceed helped "Appollo" Moon "Jupiter 5" carrier rocket on it相关的主题文章: