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American couples with sons and daughters to see the girl Luo tracing for 6 years and no grandma – the new network reporter Li Xiaobo intern correspondent Zhang Qingjuan Li Baohong |8 the afternoon of Sept. 24, 16 year old Luo Evans (translation) accompanied by parents in the United States, returned to Luoyang, looking for the young to take care of her grandmother. The right hand was Vince atrophy, abandoned, and Vince unrelated granny Cao Guiying to take her home. In 2009, Cao Guiying seventy, alone is difficult to assume the responsibility to continue raising Evans, in the community help, Vince was sent to the orphanage in Luoyang. The following year, an American couple who adopted Vince, Vince and brought to the other side of the ocean. Over the past 6 years, has been thinking about Vince grandmother in Luoyang. Back to Luoyang, with the help of the old city police station, finally met the grandmother. The United States | tracing couples with sons and daughters to Los at 5 pm on August 24th, the Luoyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police station public security team to Bazhong City South Gate a foreign couple, there is an accompanying translation. In the conversation, Meng Qingbao police learned that 6 years ago, the American couple adopted a 10 year old girl from Luoyang City orphanage, named Luo evans. The return to Luoyang, to find that the grandmother raising evans. Meng Qingbao said, the grandmother named Cao Guiying, has no blood relationship with the child, and the American couple with a daughter, have to find the place to live after Evans, but because of urban transformation, the local has changed. Due to the information is too simple, Meng Qingbao only in the age of the investigation. In the query and compare a number at the age of more than and 70, named "Cao Guiying" women, eventually found the living tally in the old city street Lu No. 12 "Cao Guiying" and looking for Cao Guiying. But because of the transformation of the old city, Cao Guiying housing has been demolished. Meng Qingbao did not give up, has contact with the household registration police, street offices. 1 hours later, Cao Guiying found the family’s phone, the contact was informed that the old man has moved to the old Chinese painting Road, near the intersection of the road, a district near the three. Meng Qingbao took into account that the couple are not familiar with Luoyang, they drove them to the community. Meet | grandfather six years, hugging Meng Qingbao a line to the plot, Cao Guiying was resting under a tree. Although Cao Guiying and Vince were 6 years, but in the first time to recognize each other, their two people embrace together, in the eyes of the tears. Cao Guiying is 77 years old this year, ears back, but to see granddaughter came back, very happy. Vince pulled back home, Cao Guiying pulls out two pieces of faded pictures, that is two of the photo. Vince took the gift, to grandma. The old city of South Gate Office Post profile Lane community director Lu Jinbao said, 10 years ago, Cao Guiying and her husband in Shaanxi, had abandoned Evans, then its adoption. In 2009, after the death of her husband, Cao Guiying returned to Luoyang with Vince, that year Cao Guiying is 70 years old. Because it can only rely on the advanced in age, guaranteeing payment of life, in the neighborhood offices and community’s help, Cao Guiying Evans was sent to the Luoyang city welfare.相关的主题文章: