Animation movie New Oriental god baby theme song MV

The movie "New Oriental Shenwa" theme song by MV exposure cartoon movie movie "Yin Xiaodong" director of the New Oriental Shenwa recently exposed a theme song "power of love" by MV, people have more expectations for the upcoming film. The four minute MV in a very romantic style, reproduction of the film Shenwa birth, disaster, Armageddon and other classic scenes, shocking endless, with songs of love and sonorous and forceful, the courage to reveal the most incisive theme. In this first MV, justice brave dragon Wafeng EVA, to protect the world and to sacrifice their goddess, the evil devil and snake are all classic characters full debut, brilliant. When many have seen "Oriental God Doll" animation of the audience said, as if the MV back to their own childhood. The Dragon Wafeng EVA according to director Yin Xiaodong introduction, the song "power of love" is dedicated to the movie "New Oriental Shenwa" tailored lyrics, warm and firm performance of the dragon baby genre sonorous and forceful, and Feng EVA of justice and bravery, but also praises the moving of dragon and Phoenix mother goddess EVA eva. In the film, the goddess of the world in order to protect the selfless love of touching, the dragon and Phoenix baby baby love more touching words in the lyrics: "the power of love, let me be brave and strong, have to accompany you, through the dark and difficult. The power of love, for me to open the compass of life, guide me to run all the way to hope." It is reported that the goddess, the film by the famous animation director Yin Xiaodong, CG technology has been very mature today, but the director chose the most traditional hand-painted frame, adhere to the spirit of originality, the way to drawing polished with Oriental taste animation boutique. The director said, although from the beginning of "king return", CG computer animation has become a popular trend of animation, but still love pure hand-painted style. By the Qingdao golden film Investment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Dragon Valley Animation Film Co., Ltd. jointly produced the animated film "New Oriental God Doll" will be officially landed in October 4th National Day file. At that time, let us look forward to the return of the gods, the legendary re combustion.相关的主题文章: