Apple AR technology fastest one or two years to launch or use for autopilot system

Apple AR technology is the fastest one or two years to launch or for the automatic driving system of Figure 1: Cook has repeatedly expressed optimistic about the technology of AR Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, continue to promote the second and third generation of augmented reality in Google, Microsoft and Facebook (AR) and virtual reality (VR) system when consumers are waiting for Apple’s own brand of AR products. KGI securities well-known analyst Guo Mingji said that Apple’s AR products have to wait at least a year or two years to launch. Guo Mingji said in a report to investors, AR and Apple’s strategy is very fit, that is, through the unique user interface provides innovative user experience. Apple’s current success is largely due to iPhone, which launched a multi touch screen for mass users. Guo Mingji said, just like iPod’s technology to pave the way for the launch of iPhone, iPhone may also become a necessary part of Apple’s comprehensive AR solutions. However, he did not provide specific details of Apple’s AR technology, but Android smart machine has been used in VR head equipment. Apple may launch a similar popular iOS game Pokemon GO system to test the water. Pokemon GO is the use of iPhone camera and display to provide users with seamless AR experience. Although Microsoft HoloLens system requires huge computing power and power demand, provide for Apple user experience constitute a heavy burden, but Guo Mingji believes that as technology matures, Apple will integrate AR technology, redefine its key product line, leading to three to five years. For example, the AR user interface may dramatically change the user’s interaction with Apple Watch, Apple TV, eliminating the small screen, difficult to control obstacles. Figure 2: Apple patent inertial navigation based on vision Guo Mingji said that Apple may also enter other areas by using AR technology, one area of interest is the automobile technology, more specifically, the automatic driving system. Since March 2015, a number of rumors that apple is codenamed "Titan" self driving cars, but recently reported that Apple has given up the plan, to focus on the development of the underlying technology. It is reported that last week, as part of the development to the automatic driving system and supporting hardware, apple is testing AR HUD integrated voice assistant Siri (HUD). Apple’s interest in AR is not a secret, the company CEO Tim · (Tim Cook) is now always talking about AR technology, he seems to make use of all public places to express good for AR technology. Cook spoke for the first time at a conference call in July this year, AR. In the long run, we are very optimistic about AR. We believe that AR provides users with a very good experience, is an important business opportunities. So we’re investing in AR, "he said. Cook then talked about AR technology in August and in the year of September. In addition to Cook publicly expressed interest in AR technology, there is evidence相关的主题文章: