Apple pushes IOS 10.2 beta but there are some small changes whereisip

Apple iOS 10.2 beta: but are some small changes to the Sina mobile phone news on November 1st morning news, Apple Corp today announced for developers iOS 10.2 for the first test version, added some details, such as the new Emoji expression package and video widget, and camera preferences. Emoji expression increased: adding Emoji, including the clown, his face, looking at the computer, kiwi, croissants etc.. With the development of the times, the original message is just a small creative Emoji expression is becoming a big business, and increase the iconic elements of the times, such as the most recent two years very popular avocado this kind of food. The new expression package iMessage: and information features related to another feature, add "celebrate" full screen animation. The effect of the new trends of wallpaper: black background drop, this is just released iPhone 7 time display machine used wallpaper. IPhone 7 logo wallpaper settings: the camera adds a reserved mode feature, allowing users to save the last use of the camera mode. For example, the last photo used path, or the opening of Live Photos. Camera settings update video components: notification bar drop-down, an increase of the video Widget feature, click the content will automatically play, but in the country, this feature should be of little use. The video component Apple Music: has been added to the playlist by type, song name, and recent additions. Can also be sorted by song or album name. Emergency contact: a new feature that appears in a health application, after the body feels unwell. Will automatically notify your emergency contact.  相关的主题文章: