Apple said the new MacBook Pro cheap version for air users We tried it out (video). antik

Apple said the new MacBook Pro cheap version for Air users? We tried this week, Apple released two new MacBook Pro, a price of $13 thousand, with a touch screen, and the other one cheap two thousand yuan, without a touch screen. While Apple’s computer product line in the main thin entry-level products MacBook Air series is no longer updated, and even the processor upgrade are not. At the press conference, Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller is so evaluation of the device does not touch the MacBook Pro: it is suitable for the current Air users". MacBook Air or the old version of the MacBook Pro users, in the end you want to update? Curiosity daily got no touch screen MacBook Pro and get along for a day, found that there are many places to consider. With the weight of MacBook is similar to Air, but the adapter is a problem of new MacBook Pro is similar to that of the year before the 12 inch MacBook look more like iPhone deep space gray, white logo light fuselage behind the change of metal material is black. On the left is the iPhone 7 Plus but from the side to see it still retains the Pro square, rather than Air, such as head wide feet narrow water droplets form. Left and right is the new MacBook Pro and 12 inch MacBook new Pro is indeed a lot of frivolous. In theory, the new 13 inch Pro and the old section of the 13 inch Air has the same weight of 1.37 kg, which is also evident in our experience – in the bag, take in the hands and feel no difference Air. Actually, it’s smaller. Although the screen is 13 inches, but the new Mac border narrow a lot, even narrower than the MacBook, which makes it a little smaller than the overall Air. Therefore, it is more light and easy to carry. However, the 12 inch MacBook is still the smallest thinnest Apple computer, weighing about inches of the new Mac 2/3, the lower part of the keyboard is also thinner. But if the conversion from Air to the new MacBook Pro, then the new interface will be used for a long time, its body only three interface: two USB-C interface for charging and data transmission, external equipment, and a 3.5mm headset jack. Compared to the original Air used for many years, the magnetic charge port, USB-C interface is a lot smaller volume, charging will feel some fresh. But more often it brings inconvenience. However, 13 inches of the new Mac is placed side by side with the USB-C, that is, want to experience Apple said the computer can be charged on both sides of the, it is necessary to spend more money to buy a 15 inch version of the.相关的主题文章: