Auto insurance marketing revolution era is coming bloxorz

Automobile insurance marketing revolution era "this time Internet plus", may be the best way to change insurance marketing opportunities with the continuous fermentation of Internet plus "concept, commercial insurance sales model began to change. In the traditional car dealers, sales, sales model, the insurance company is to grasp the production, sales, claims of all aspects. The user is only an outsider. Today in such a focus on user generated content of the times, breaking for control of auto insurance level of insurance company under the traditional mode, the boundaries between sellers and consumers clear up, allowing users to become owners of organic participants in commercial insurance, to obtain more insurance benefits, the industry has become the highest voice of change. Internet era, all the traditional model is used to break. As a result of the birth of the car and the birth of UBER and the car industry revolution, the revolution in the automobile insurance industry that is not far away. At this point, there is no doubt that the need to enter the board to the depth of the Internet model to create a revolution. Auto insurance becomes expensive, what is the best solution to buy a car insurance, you are still using the old routine it? In July 1, 2016, completed the reform of commercial auto insurance rates, new auto insurance rates policy tend to "Jiangyoufalie" concept, the user after the Chuxian rate compared to the fee before the change has been greatly improved. The most direct manifestation is: number of danger, next year’s premium more expensive. The car is getting more expensive! This is the biggest psychological perception of the owners of commercial insurance reform. An insurance cycle, an insurance premium to pay 15%, two times to pay 40% insurance premium, "I bought the insurance, accident insurance of newspaper!" The voice began to become emboldened enough. For this phenomenon, the industry has already started looking for new solutions. What you need is a knowledgeable friend, a keen insight, a professional technology, as well as the most valuable creation ability. The optimal mode this time you can enjoy the professional development of the industry, through the depth analysis of user needs and the most in-depth grasp, top team after three years of exploration, perhaps one of the best ways have been found: auto insurance subsidies undoubtedly has the optimal mode of network industry. By strength of self. Just two months on the line, auto insurance subsidy network will be among the top 100 Chinese insurance Internet (data from: Paul view), the user growth trend of the index class. Currently, the layout of its national network is spreading. To highlight the value of the concept of excellence. Auto insurance subsidies for the user to create value, the specific embodiment is to compensate for the loss of insurance companies to enhance the efficiency of insurance for the owners to save users. Single service mode is different from the "Internet plus insurance" insurance subsidies, the concept of network can show its characteristics: allow the user to select the depth of the Internet, let the user decide, let users participate in, for users, allowing users to enjoy. Accounted for the initiative, due to industry leading edge. The most favorable, the most convenient, is the best user experience. Auto insurance subsidy network rooted in the WeChat platform, a close – users no longer need to download, registration, verification and other tedious process, open WeChat, your insurance, call. Not only that, in the depth of WeChat share, you can also see the car between users.相关的主题文章: