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Autumn has come, tour Macao, these things can not be missed! The Sohu – tourism nagging mention of Macao, many people think this day and night! Just the end of the trip, but the town began to miss Macao. Yes, Macao is very small, just Baidu, only about 32.8 square kilometers, but this small city, but also has rich tourism resources, as had been the Portuguese colonial rule over the place, Macao has a confluence of eastern and Western culture after the Chinese and Western unique style, attracts many visitors come to…… Many people love Hongkong more prosperous and enchanting, but I love Macao more quiet and quaint. In Macao, enjoy the feeling of time flowing through the fingers. Slowly, long swim…… Macao is the kind of place where you want to go and play. The bustling giant Hongkong like makeup, let you feel the subtle pressure. Quiet little Macao so sumianchaotian, before you go passion imagination but slowly released. Macao travel, can be long and short, someone told me – Macao is a small place, one day will be able to turn over……" Someone said to me, "Macao is a place where you can slow down and taste." I think they are right, Macao is very small, if you have to use that kind of way to fly, one day should be enough; but if you want to savor this experienced many vicissitudes of history, to see her story, I advise you, or walk slowly, slowly…… This September, let me tell you what you can’t miss in Macao, I heard that there are a lot of activities in Macao in September. What’s on? 1 twenty-eighth Macao International Fireworks Festival once a year the Macao International Fireworks Festival on Saturday evening, the Mid Autumn Festival and China National Day at the Macao tower off at! With each fireworks night features on five themes: fireworks fantasy, bright night, and the melting state, and the sky shining star. Hyun Ying festival. Date: 9.3, 9.10, 9.15, 9.24; 10.1: 21:00 – 21:40 location: Tower the sea for free viewing 2 fireworks Carnival Carnival fireworks aims to cooperate with the twenty-eighth session of the Macao International Fireworks Festival, for the residents to add festive atmosphere and provide a comfortable leisure environment watch. Date: 9.3, 9.10, 9.15, 9.24; 10.1: 18:00 – 23:00 location: West Bay Lake Plaza 3 Macao Lantern Festival Mid Autumn Festival this year to "Moon Flower" as the theme, with every kind of floral elements, so that the public and visitors feel the strong atmosphere of mid autumn festival. Date: 9.3 – 10.10 location: 1 Plaza promenade free Silk Road on the night of 4 hou to show the "path" meaning)相关的主题文章: