Ban Ki-moon deeply saddened by the casualties in Italy and Burma pgd-426

Ban Ki-moon of Italy and Burma earthquake casualties deeply the news agency of the new network in the United Nations grief – 24 August, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 24, through its spokesman, condolences to the government and people affected by the earthquake in Italy, Burma and China, and said the United Nations is ready to provide humanitarian assistance. 24 pm local time, occurred in the central Burma earthquake of magnitude 6.8. Reuters said preliminary statistics, at least 3 people were killed, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries have felt. According to CNN (CNN) reported that 24 local time occurred in the early morning of central Italy earthquake has killed at least 73 people were killed. Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman, said at noon on the 24 day in United Nations Headquarters, New York, the United Nations Secretary General of the Italy and Burma earthquake casualties deeply saddened, condolences to the governments and people of the two countries. Du Garik said that the United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and official contacts between the two countries, and pay close attention to the two situation. "If there is any need for humanitarian assistance, we will work together with our partners to be ready to support the governments and local organizations." (end)相关的主题文章: