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Beijing morning news: sex education textbook custom questionable – View – original title: sex education textbooks need custom questionable open thinking in sex education, rather than blindly using pneumatic in textbooks. Of course, in particular to sensitive content about "sex", and is not wrong to teach classes. How to make primary school boys know yourself? Shanghai Education Publishing House launched the first domestic primary school for boys tailored sex education materials — the "little man", the material around the small boys grow up must face gender related confusion, mainly to help them understand the physiological, psychological and other aspects of knowledge, enhance the basic ability to protect and accept them. In order to enhance the quality of courage and the courage to play, to be a "little man". (October 13th "Morning News") for primary school boys tailored a sex education textbook, with entertaining way to help them understand "the boy and the girl is what" "what kind of boy is" cool "" man "how to express" love "", and "for the majority of boys out of growing pains add a bit of positive energy, have more sunshine, masculine man", has the positive side. It is reported that the girls are also written in the textbook, the preparation of ideas and models similar to the boys teaching materials. But even so, still sparked public controversy and doubts, as netizens pointed out, "now do not advocate sex education classes, sex education should be?" According to media reports, as early as in 2011, Shanghai’s first primary and secondary school textbooks "sex education" boys and girls began to put into use. When parents are worried about is that such courses can grasp "in place but not offside, the words and not abuse, said through without stimulation of the scale problem. Now, tailored sex education materials, implementation classes, this problem appears to be resolved. But on the other hand, it will inevitably make people feel that this is artificially added to the mystery of gender education. In fact, as early as possible the development of gender education in the academic community has reached a consensus. The United States and Europe, including China’s Hong Kong and Macao regions, have already started in kindergarten to carry out sex education classes, some primary and secondary education, is no longer "bashful rose.". From the point of view of textbooks tailored to boys, but some also need to understand the content of the girls, and do not say into textbooks, a waste of resources caused by sex teaching, this concept alone will increase the bias between men and women in casual, even to elementary and middle school students’ values, aesthetic values, moral values have a certain misleading. Can not help but say that gender education for primary and secondary school students, including sex education, the most urgent task is not the lack of teaching materials, the most critical is the competent teachers and the correct teaching methods. Therefore, on the issue of gender education need to open thinking, rather than blindly in the teaching materials on the strength. Of course, in particular to sensitive content about "sex", and is not wrong to teach classes. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: