[bloom buds] experience the taste of youth lemon steamed grouper and Sohu incubus

[bloom buds] experience the taste of youth lemon steamed grouper – Sohu and cook in the kitchen, my niece asked me: "aunt, what is the taste of youth?" I said: "sweet and sour, some bitter. What do you think is the most representative of youth?" Niece said: I think the most representative of the taste of lemon youth." Ha ha, ah, ah, the lemon into the dish, the interpretation of the taste of love in youth. In Western-style food more yellow lemon flavored seafood, juice or tablets to cook seafood, have to smell, delicious role. The Chinese Roasted Duck Roasted Goose, ultimately the lemon flavoring. Steamed grouper with the lemon lemon yellow as seasoning to taste the soul, highlighting its sweet and sour. Not fishy, more tasty, steamed fish is very smooth, the smell of lemon fragrance in not much, if any of a small fresh, delicious exotic bloom. [ingredients] lemon yellow grouper 520g 1 [] olive accessories sunflower oil, soy sauce, onion [1] the amount of steps Figure 2 ingredients lemon wash, slice, put the whole plate. 3 choose clean grouper on the lemon slices, then covered with a slice of lemon, 4 steamer pour the right amount of water for 20 minutes 5 modulation preheated 6 steam into the steamer, steamed fish dish 7 lid, remove the fish plate, fish plate drained the water in the onion shop on the fish, sprinkle hot olive and sunflower oil, pour the right amount of soy sauce on the table for 8相关的主题文章: