Bow family subway Pipan Pei falls due to brake subway company after an appeal

Bow family subway Pipan Pei subway company falls due to brake the appeal after the original title: bow family claims fall subway company Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) the subway from the train brakes, looking down at the mobile phone of Xiao Meng (a pseudonym) fell on the car. After the incident, she will operate the Beijing Metro Co., Ltd. three branches to court, claims more than $20. After the first instance was sentenced to 90% of the liability and compensation of more than $11, the company filed an appeal. Recently, the second city court hearing the case. The morning of January 14th last year, the 25 year old Xiao adorable in the morning peak by the defendant belongs to the subway train to Dongzhimen to the Lama Temple range, because the train signal failure occurs, resulting in broken train emergency braking. Video of the incident showed that Meng Meng standing in the train compartment, bow his hands holding the phone, did not help the armrest of the car, causing injuries to the ground. According to Xiao Meng said, after the hospital diagnosis, the skull base fracture, after hospitalization. After discharge, she was at home for 5 months, by the mother care. The injury also led to mental depression. Last November, Xiao Meng was identified as ten disabled. To this end, she sued to the court, ask the company for compensation for medical expenses, lost fees, nursing fees, disability compensation, mental solatium total of more than 20 yuan. The company argued that by posting in the car safety tips, loop Caution! Broadcasting company has to fulfill the obligations and prompt management, Xiao adorable as adults due care obligation, this accident has a major fault, the subway company should not assume full liability. The company is willing to have evidence to support the loss of the plaintiff in accordance with the 20% part of the compensation. The first instance, Meng Meng in the subway train, due to the emergency brake and fell injured, the company should bear the liability for compensation. But Xiao adorable in the subway train as adults should be to corresponding to its own security obligation, it did not hold the handrail on the bus, should also bear some responsibility, and to determine the subway company bear 90% of the responsibility. For the plaintiff submitted by the Beijing Anding Hospital due to depression arising from medical bills, the court held that the defendant subway train emergency braking can not necessarily lead to the state of the plaintiff depression, it does not support. After the verdict of the first instance of the company to compensate Meng Meng 11 yuan, the company filed an appeal. When the second instance court, the company said, as a young adult with full capacity for civil conduct, may not be able to lead to the consequences of its subway ride can or should be foreseen. Beijing Metro to ensure the safety of passengers, the automatic cycle section broadcast public radio in the process of operation, inform the passengers sit tight, have done our duty. Meng Meng did not protect their own security, should bear full responsibility. The case will choose a sentencing date. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: