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Buddy was a domineering side leakage of urine kingdom of bicycles – Sohu travel bicycle kingdom of Amsterdam, whether it is out of the train station, or a river, or a public boat, parked the bike: every kind of retro, graffiti, with a bucket, double…… Walk a little camera, you will hear a ringing tone, suggesting that you give way. The central station domineering automatic garage when I stood out from Amsterdam’s central train, see the opposite domineering side leakage of bicycle parking on the street and the boathouse by bike I The stream never stops flowing., truly understand that the original Amsterdam really is a well deserved reputation in the kingdom of bicycles, time seems to transfer to Beijing in 80s and 90s, Beijing is different from the old Amsterdam, a bicycle rider style and all kinds of personality dress. Mimizaza bike filled the parking garage, the garage opposite the train station is very special, like a permanent ship moored at the beach, in order to better use of space, where the use of double interleaved storage methods. The storage of bicycles, through hoops is convenient for people to pull or push the tail, saving time and effort. Street riding a rave in Amsterdam, street cyclists turned out to be my greatest joys of travel. Here, the riding is not sports fans or young, everyone, rich or poor, all very leisurely, youYou Bupo riding a bike. Some people use the term "rave" to describe the traffic in Amsterdam, it is quite vivid imagination. Whether work, walk the dog, pick up the child, to see the exhibition, freight, whether wearing sportswear, denim suit, skirt, dress, are riding a bicycle, all free shuttle in the high streets and back lanes in Amsterdam. Sometimes I stand in the corner of the street look attentively, will hear * ting-a-ling-a-ling car ringing, they remind me, kindly don’t wander the way. Streets and lanes throughout the various kinds of bicycle is a kingdom of bicycles, not too absolute. In Amsterdam the streets and lanes everywhere bicycle figure. The Amsterdam canal is large in almost every river, along the street are locked bikes, do not feel awkward, but has become a unique landscape in Amsterdam city. Many bicycles in Amsterdam have also been decorated very distinctive, some bike hung on both sides of retro and stylish Canvas Messenger Bag, some front loaded pastoral natural wicker baskets, some bicycle alone hung dazzling colorful bell, some body color painted colorful, some bike like a hippo’s mouth, front push two large, twin brother lay in the bucket and Dad together happily in the city to see the scenery, there are two bicycles, mother and daughter go out very love very fashionable. The canal crisscross is replaced by a car bike bicycle achievement become traffic primary tool in Amsterdam, and here the city planning is closely related to the absolute. The Amsterdam canal相关的主题文章: