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Cai Yingwen borrow the Japanese media on the mainland propaganda: not put pressure on the Military Channel win-win – Sohu Global Times reported in Taiwan: the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen 6 in an interview that Japan "Yomiuri Shimbun", hope that the mainland to return to 5 – 20 after a period of time that the cross-strait relations. Cai Yingwen said, perhaps this time, there are some misunderstandings between the two sides or the wrong interpretation, which makes the two sides feel the need to sit down and communicate, face the problem. She called, "to return to the 5 – 20 after that period, both sides can calmly and rationally to handle cross-strait relations at that time," said the 5 – 20 after the speech, there was a time when I really feel, China mainland is relatively rational and calm but in dealing with cross-strait relations; during this period, Chinese seen like back to the past to get along with the political pressure on Taiwan, "we don’t think this approach in terms of both sides is a win-win thing". Cai Yingwen went on to talk about four points: first, the recent plan to deal with the relationship between the two, 5 – 20 commitments will not change, that will maintain the status quo; second, good faith will not change, "we are faced with a good Chinese, also hope to solve some problems we face together third, to remind Chinese; the mainland, Taiwan and Taiwan will not yield to pressure; fourth, she again don’t want to go back to the kind of confrontation relationship, hope is a kind of peace, and the relationship of mutual cooperation and common problem solving. In economic development, Cai Yingwen said, in the past for a long time, Taiwan has a lot of investment and trade in China, so feel that there are some dependence on the mainland economy; but recently feel more and more between the two sides is not like before is a structurally complementary relationship, but the relationship of competition. She said, "the New South policy" is representative of many areas of Southeast Asia and South Asia and Taiwan economic complementarity is relatively strong, at the same time, Taiwan will also strengthen relations with Japan and europe. Some analysts said Cai Yingwen’s speech that she took office less than 5 months, really feel the Taiwan economy is facing enormous pressure. But for China, recognized the "92 consensus" is the greatest goodwill in Taiwan should be released, also make Taiwan a way out of the present predicament.相关的主题文章: