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Can you answer the phone with your fingers pressed? This posture is a little cool with your fingers and ears will be able to answer the phone? Yes, it’s very dark. Sgnl company made a smart watch strap, so you can use your finger to answer the call. With this watch strap, your finger becomes a "receiver", watchband built-in microphone can receive your voice. In life there are many people often call the Sgnl smart watch strap they can make mobile phone in the pocket. At the same time, you do not need any kind of Bluetooth headset equipment, just lift your fingers will be able to easily answer. When you press your ears with your fingers, the fingers are not only transmitting sound, but also reducing environmental noise. So even in a very noisy environment, the call is still clear, do not worry about the sound spread out heard by others. So the question is, what is the principle of finger calls? The first Sgnl smart watch strap through Bluetooth to connect mobile phone sending and receiving a call signal. When the received speech signals, generated by "human will watch strap transmission unit" (Body Conduction Unit) to generate vibration, then the wave vibration signal can transfer from the palm to the finger. Because the signal is passed through the vibration, the process is not harmful to the human body. When you put your finger on your ear, the sound waves create an amplified audio signal in your closed ear cavity. The magic of the human body conduction unit, including two black technology. 01. The vibration unit is capable of generating a relatively low frequency human body conduction vibration; 02. Audio algorithm, can selectively amplify the audio signal and adjust the wavelength. We can through the following small video to feel the black technology. In the video, we can see that when the finger is pressed up, the "ear" that is simulated by the amplifier sends out the corresponding audio signal. In the watch compatible, Sgnl smart watch strap was also considered very thoughtful. Whether it is a traditional watch or smart watches, can be directly replaced. If the watch can also choose a separate watch strap. Of course, the software level App support, in addition to answer Sgnl smart watch strap can monitor the movement, and managed by App. Specific parameters, Sgnl smart watch strap support Android 4.4 or iOS 8 and above. Standby life 7 days, continuous call life of 4 hours. Black, blue, white. Congregation raised the price of $99 from. 600 yuan for a cool answer posture, would you?相关的主题文章: