Cash Hurun list revealed rich trends shishangqiyi

"Cash Hurun list" revealed rich trends according to media reports, the Hurun Research Institute in 21 and released "2016 Hurun cash rich list". This is the Hurun Research Institute released the tenth consecutive Hurun cash rich list, statistics from July 2015 to August 2016, the amount of cash on the list of billionaires. Ordinary people think that the gap between rich and powerful, but nothing more than Yu Guangzhong’s verse: I am on the side of the mountain, the rich side of the mountain. To put it simply, the rich man ran up to the top of the mountain before he reached the top of the mountain, and we went over the top of the mountain. The gap between the stock market that is the top, the richest man in the share price peak on the left, the average person on the right side of the peak. According to media reports, such as the development of the stock market over the past 10 years comparison will find such a phenomenon: the rich are usually in the stock market the highest point to cash, and as early as in the stock market decline even before the crash, for example, before the stock market crash of November 2015, cash rich mean peak, according to statistics in October when the time for the report. In other words, before the top of the list, the success of these listed companies to leave the cash; and the next along with the stock price fell into the bottom of the truth is unknown to the masses. If there is no top, no performance, how to reduce cash? This I admire most of the Shenzhen SME board listed companies Yongda group. Over the past year, the Lv Yongxiang family will hold all the cash Yongda group shares, the amount reached 3 billion 300 million yuan, the cumulative cash of 6 billion 700 million yuan within two years. The Lv Yongxiang family wealth of 6 billion 700 million yuan this year to top of the "Hurun" 548th. Here, or can Yongda group as an example, analysis of a cash rich means. First, the major shareholder of the three year ban can not be good. The reason is very simple, out of the major shareholders can not cash. Yongda group listed in October 18, 2011, two years after the listing of the distribution plan, in May 22, 2014 before the implementation of the 10 to send 0.26 yuan, almost negligible. The company after the listing price highs, fell from the highest point of 30.43 yuan all the way to the lowest point of 8.58 yuan, up 71% decline, the break rate of 57%. Two market investors full quilt. Secondly, the lifting of the ban quickly out of good, there is no good to make. In October 2014 the company held the controlling shareholder lifted. In December 22nd of the same year, the board of directors of the company launched 10 to 15 high transfer program, coincides with the bull market started on the occasion, the company’s share price surged. Yongda group Yiyouweijin, and in March 17, 2015 increased gaosongzhuan program to 10 Zhuanzeng 18 send 9 yuan, this price soaring, 8 days to harvest 7 limit, the stock has announced plans gaosongzhuan from the previous trading day (December 19, 2014) 23.38 yuan soared to April 9, 2015 the history of the highest price of 102.41 yuan (after rehabilitation). Yongda group actual control holdings began to seize the opportune moment. March 19, 2015 announcement, the company received a controlling shareholder, actual controller Mr. Lv Yongxiang and concerted action, Mr. Lv Yang, Ms. Lu, Ms. Lan Xiuzhen’s notice, intends through centralized auction trading or large transactions reduce its holdings of shares of the Yongda group. The reduction of the drama of this stage, from 2015.相关的主题文章: