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Chengdu Supreme Yunnan cuisine, not two! Sohu and Chengdu have – a "little Yunnan" people are always looking for the city’s "sunshine" and recently from Chengdu clear, the four seasons such as spring natural to outsiders called "uncharted" Yunnan quiet beauty, even the time flow exceptionally slow today in Chengdu he also has a "little Yunnan" to the people, and yearning to a person, don’t leave pretend for a time in Yunnan, I believe! Here is the two’s? Headed Chengdu Yunnan cuisine is the best experience of "a classical elegant exotic old house low-key and quiet standing in Yunnan in the heart of downtown mud black stone road, three storey courtyard green everywhere, in the memory of Yunnan, and it was two when the reduction. No time to rush, not utilitarian impetuous, here pleasant sunny leisure days take it leisurely and unoppressively, always inadvertently come here. In fact, this is already the two headed after the headquarters of the Department of Wood River Road cloud Emerald City two stores. Two store location low-key, but the atmosphere is very high profile. Here, here will be impressed, two master designer is two when the boss himself, designer born he spent about 4000000 Yunnan colorful life picture concentrated in this piece of more than 1 thousand and 400 square meters of the three floor of the restaurant, a tree, a bowl of a porcelain, mostly from Yunnan, on the air can feel a temperature of yunnan. A door was immediately attracted the attention of: wood, rope, dried flowers and reed fusion tea horse road elements everywhere, people feel like being in the dappled Yunnan streamer; bright and dark dancing, with exotic gentle songs, a moment is pulled to the dream of the illusion of space and environment integration; indoor and outdoor, let Yunnan to one of the most secretive manner in the 3 layers of the room and resonance. There is a floor deck and patio, wood line style rooms two floor, third floor is open pond Roof garden, minutes to take you through the time tunnel, there’s a sense of the wooden table, a set of fine tea, perhaps, do these things, at that moment can be regarded as the "zen". The first floor / two floor / third floor can see the fish in the pool down walk free, a circle of ripples is bright, in which people began to light up, here is a move a quiet, beautiful like picture. Maybe the boss know much about the movement and transformation in the light of the actual situation, it is very particular, a layer of light and natural environment combination, let here the quiet and peaceful environment, rich atmosphere more levels, more charming. Yunnan secret kitchen where people are not only unable to part yet elegant chic scenery and the artistic conception into the cookbook uninhibited most of the ingredients are from Yunnan each have is recipe of the heart, into its stomach every presentation of dishes are the same with me is a pursuit of perfection the diners, the same dish, taste in my mouth, right相关的主题文章: