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Children always buy buy buy, buy or not to buy? Author Song Hairong Kay – Sohu | maternal uncle said kaishushuo child crying to buy buy buy, do not buy it, in the heart, afraid of what to buy, what to spoil their children, how to do? In fact, "buy buy buy", is to help children establish "desire" and "deserved" border, making effective scientific rules, insist on the implementation, boundary establishment is good, not because children are not what things have hunger, and not because of what to breed infinite desire. As for how to develop the rules, the following article, explain the analysis is very thorough, learning together. Two summers ago, I took my son to Beijing for the summer vacation. We have two friends while studying in Beijing, is a graduate of Harvard Law School, a Georgetown University MBA, they have a four year old boy cute. One day, sunny, we took the children to play in the Olympic park. People talk, three children are playing awfully. A pedestrian is walking, the friend’s children do not know what to think or what to see, suddenly began to ask her mother to buy a thing, and immediately to buy! Do not buy do not go, screaming. Finally, friends helplessly in the mobile phone under a single child, it was quiet. Such a scene for many parents should not be unfamiliar, shopping malls, playgrounds, airports, subway stations, etc.. Faced with this situation, many parents often in between buying and not buying tangled things: have many children, although not bad money, but buy also seems to be useless, afraid of accidentally among the arrogant child; but if you do not give children to buy, then the child’s demands are not satisfied. And if the child feel "not worth it", or the heart gives birth to scarcity, affecting the healthy development of children’s personality. To buy or not to buy, seemingly only in between the parents’ thought. But this "one" knowledge, is the most concerned and parents need to recognize. How important is material life to children? There is no doubt about the importance of material life to children. Found on the "poor" of extreme poverty and long-term lack of material, not only hinder the children’s physical growth and cognitive development, but also seriously affect children’s mental health: the stress of their system easy to be activated, more likely early in life experience depression, adults are also more likely to health the problem. In this case, we are not as much as possible to provide children with material life is positive solution? The over interpretation of anything is not good for us to find the best answer. A well-known attachment theory in the field of child psychology. A child is born with a lasting emotional bond with a particular person, thereby gaining the advantages of conservation and evolution. When the material is sufficient to maintain the normal operation and development of the organism, the child’s first need is love, security, belonging and sense of value. These basic emotional satisfaction, is a solid foundation for children to live a rich life. Is the abundance of material相关的主题文章: