China and Thailand securities into fourth year surveyed firms or their IPO popkart

China and Thailand securities into fourth year surveyed firms or their IPO Thailand Securities Commission investigation was becoming the Societe Generale Securities, Southwest Securities, securities after fourth year investigation of Thailand securities brokerage; its IPO or affected by the Beijing News (reporter Wang Quanhao) recently, Thailand securities announced on the official website, by the company alleged violations of securities and futures related laws and regulations, the Commission decided to initiate an investigation. Notice that the company is operating normally, according to the relevant provisions of the investigation. Thailand has become the securities Societe Generale Securities, Southwest Securities, the Securities Commission received after fourth year of the "investigation notice" of the broker, it is worth noting that Thailand securities is the IPO queue awaiting trial, is currently showing progress as accepted". China and Thailand securities is expected to IPO process will be affected. In addition, as of September 1st, China and Thailand securities as sponsor of a total of 21 enterprises IPO queue, they will be affected by the IPO process. Among these enterprises, the vibration of the furniture and Hangzhou Ji Chi electrical machinery has passed the trial will be. 5 companies have been in a state of feedback, the 13 IPO has been accepted, there are 1 pre disclosure update status. In addition, 13 companies counseling registration has been accepted. According to the current "securities issuance and listing sponsor business management measures" provisions, the sponsor, the sponsor representative because of alleged illegal business sponsor in the investigation period, China Commission will not be accepted by the sponsor of the recommendation; they will not accept the relevant sponsor representative shall be responsible for the specific recommendation. After the listing of enterprises have not decision-making procedures and information disclosure obligations, organized by the brokerage securities Limited by Share Ltd is Thailand National SME share transfer system identified violations, are required to submit a written commitment to self regulatory measures. In addition, the reporter noted that a number of brokerage announced August financial data, which is part of the brokerage business began to get rid of the first half of the decline, the chain rose, but there are still a number of performance of the listing broker worrying, which Western securities in July net profit decline of 23%, net profit of about 40% lower than in August. In the 8 financial data has been announced in August, the company’s net profit of 5 companies fell, only 3 companies to achieve growth. Among them, the Western securities net profit of 82 million yuan, a decline of about $40%, a larger decline. In addition, the industry leader CITIC Securities net profit of 534 million yuan, representing a decrease of $947 million in July, compared with $43.61%. Daily economic news reporter noted that CITIC Securities in July to achieve revenues of 1 billion 867 million, a decline of 29.04%, net profit of $947 million, a decline of 22.7%. The general trend of interpretation, as in the micro signal capture Niugu, [securities] or Phoenix [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [or] multitray master [fupan588]   stock market reference, breakfast, trading stocks forecast, as in the micro signal [A shares] or intelligence [agqb888] a wrong thought in passing does not sweep, where hundreds of millions of assets?相关的主题文章: