Chongqing property market is still on the rise in the four quarter of the channel prices will rise s

Chongqing property market is still in the rising channel four quarter prices will rise slightly in Chongqing channel, reported yesterday, DTZ, the Chongqing property market is still in a rising channel, the four quarter of Chongqing real estate market continued rising prices rose slightly momentum. Said the general manager Dead Leung Ban Chongqing River glacier, although the new round of the purchase of the policy landing in a city, but the development has been relatively stable and healthy real estate market in Chongqing, the current market is still the main tone to the inventory, in the short term is expected to remain loose policy. Taking into account the upcoming autumn real estate fair as well as the end of the housing prices sprint performance in the four quarter, the Chongqing real estate market will continue to rise in volume and prices rose slightly momentum. At the same time, the housing market is optimistic expectations, to tie the Chongqing office market early warning, especially the office market is experiencing a peak supply, the vacancy rate continued to rise, the new office building to increase the difficulty, market competition into the white hot stage. With the new supply of intensive market, the vacancy rate increased at the same time rent even callback, the office market is facing a severe test. Reporter Chen Fuyong相关的主题文章: