Detection of Y chromosome gene technology help silver case cracked one hundred billion market to be sugus

Y chromosome detection help silver case cracked gene technology qianyiji market to open the locking suspects just small target gene technology as well as thousands of dreams reporter Lu Litao a lot of people think, "the silver case solved because of gene technology, in fact Y-DNA genetic markers has 30 years of history, the police are not used for the first time in the" China four mystery the first case of a pile of old unsolved cracked, the victim’s family was pleased at the same time, the traditional DNA technology, a new generation of gene sequencing technology are also popular with. The Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Public Security announced in August 27th, 1988~2002 years of rape, killing more than female suspects arrested in Baiyin in Gansu province high Chengyong. Gao Chengyong confessed to the crime, "8· OPULENS; 05" series of female rape murder case (silver case) successfully solved. Due to help investigators find the suspect is a genetic marker called Y-DNA technology, people will eventually cracked the case due to the progress of gene technology. In fact, Y-DNA genetic marker technology has more than 30 years of history, is a very mature technology, the police is not the first time. Compared with Y-DNA genetic marker technology, a new generation of gene sequencing technology is more advanced, based on new technology, people may no longer be (tracing) is a difficult task. In the future, in areas such as health care, gene technology will open a new one hundred billion market. The Y chromosome detection technology of gene technology in detection of judicial crime mentioned, many people will feel cool, because investigators can only live blood, semen, fingerprints and other physical characteristics of clues, can lock the suspect in the vast sea. In fact, from the clues to the suspects locked, but also across the huge database gap. Gansu in Baiyin province in 9 cases of 1988~2002 have been brutally murdered by the case. In the meantime, Kundulun district the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Baotou city also had two similar cases. Although the previous crime scene were left with varying amounts of blood, semen, fingerprints, footprints and other clues, but because the western area in 90s the streets almost no monitoring probe, before and after the incident has almost no witnesses and indirect witnesses, the police have been unable to find out the identity of the murderer. Until recently, people with the same surname and distant Tang Shu because in Minqin County of Wuwei City, Gansu Province, is guilty of a crime under residential surveillance, Baiyin police collected the blood, the Y-DNA test results and analysis showed that "8· 05" major suspects information consistent with Y-DNA. The preliminary test results show that the criminal and the Y chromosomes of the same, is the male members of the same family. The police then start family investigation, the family under the direct male one by one row sieve analysis, especially the approximate age of the police have mastered the suspect, and finally determine the person’s cousin Gao Chengyong with the crime conditions. Gao Chengyong was arrested after his fingerprints and DNA and the scene of the fingerprint and the same DNA. After the trial, the perpetrators of crime相关的主题文章: