Do not want to dirty game cold knowledge Dead library Water Research Report

Don’t waste the game to grace cold knowledge: dead water serious research report said that "dead water" history, as we here to talk about the game in the dead water pool. Since it is "dead water", the first thought must be related to the water of the ship. The mother ship has many small Lolita is wearing a "dead water". Like the 58, 168 and 401 Yimuya sauce sauce in the dead water outside a school uniform, and a library and 8 ha Yi sauce sauce Iran 19 is directly in a bathing suit. The 58 sauce that "beauty in function examples in terms, but thou, and on the water in a specified, for," also revealed why he put "dead water"! Although Iraq 58 "dead water" is specially designed for students who suits, but this does not mean "dead water" is Lolita’s patent. In the "life or death" and "the sword of the spirit" also appeared in the "dead water" figure. The former is the introduction of the 3D stereo microemulsion mouse pad with the theme of Limali rose blond. The death of library spirit of life and death swords in the dead water if the above several games can not meet the gentlemen’s words, it may wish to try the "dream club", "Love! Live! "And" idol master ". Allow yourself to culture idols put together "dead water", this will kill don’t know satisfactory gentlemen? Love! Live! The death of the library water, and the game of cold knowledge on this end. If you want to share with the readers of the master, you can leave a message below or directly in the micro-blog game control. If you are not satisfied, please forgive me to say. If you have any comments and suggestions, you can also leave a message below, or direct micro-blog @ game control. We’ll see you next week! (Editor: WB) this navigation Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: