Don’t eat meat with vinegar noodles, how can I say to Minnan and Sohu

Don’t eat meat with vinegar noodles, how can I say to a friend from the Sohu in Minnan and Xiamen travel back, said to me: "the food taste really good". I asked him, "what do you think is the best thing to eat?" He replied: "the sea food and poultry". I said, "you haven’t eaten the dishes yet." Not that sea food and poultry is not good, but this thing, really can not represent the Minnan area characteristics — as got on the table of the good stuff, suitable for hotel, sea food and poultry sitting in the provincial capital of Fuzhou in xijiaomanyan, arrived at the junction of two provinces of Fujian, "popular literature or art" food is serious. In fact, in south street lanes, an iron, a stove, a pot of old oil fried things, will be able to reflect the local characteristics. Xiamen fried jujube is very delicious, with sweet potato powder skin, peanuts, peas, sesame paste, rub into the pot a small meatball, fried, smells, peanuts and sesame oil fried under itself will slow, so the stuffing is oily oily fried jujube, it is suitable for stick autumn fat; Xiamen fried spiced tofu is also good, leather wrapped meat, onions, dried fish, water chestnut, five spice and sweet potato flour mix into the stuffing, pan fried to crisp tofu skin, autumn and winter season is similar to roasted sweet potatoes, roasted chestnuts as can warm hands, and can eat snacks; Zhangzhou hand face is actually a large piece of fried tofu, wrapped in alkaline noodles boil off water, poured sweet sauce, garlic sauce, barbecue sauce, chili sauce, mustard sauce, eat with hands, there are so many sauce rolls, in the hand of course will drain a ticking So this way, although the thing is delicious, but it is a test of diners skills, a little careless, the clothes will be in a complete mess. But all these things are not as good as Quanzhou’s vinegar. In Quanzhou, the vinegar meat is very popular, from the hotel to the street stalls are selling, which shows it in local people’s charm. But the strange thing is, as long as the boundary of Quanzhou, rare meat vinegar shadow. I eat the most authentic one, is in a nameless shop six Guan Lu delicacy street, the boss is the three generation of old Quanzhou, was originally the purchasing department station, in the late 90s laid-off tide opened his own meat shop because of the production of vinegar, exquisite, famous. Making vinegar meat is actually very simple, sliced pork, pickled with vinegar, then hung up the sweet potato flour into the pan fried. At first, and the general Deep-Fried Spare Ribs not much difference. But pay attention to vinegar meat, usually there are three methods: first, thin sliced pork slices, so fried at high temperatures under instant not coke; secondly, vinegar must be overnight, in addition to the vinegar completely into lean meat, can make meat more clear, refreshing taste of silk thread; the key is be sure to hang, powder was thin and uniform, not hanging paste, so as to lock the meat fried, vinegar taste not volatile. Just fried meat vinegar is the most delicious, while fever one point five spice powder, the outer entrance songshuang simply, inside can eat vinegar, fresh and refreshing acid. If there is a bowl of boiled noodle paste, a dish of fried meat on vinegar bubble. The meat back to the soft, fragrant vinegar soup also had a sour taste, ineffable beauty. Chongqing fried crisp pork Shabu Hot pot custom and Quanzhou vinegar meat)相关的主题文章: