During the Anti Japanese War, the British seized in Hongkong Dai Li because of what 9c8814

During the Anti Japanese War, the British seized in Hongkong Dai Li because of what? [Abstract] the reason is juntong detained in Shanghai concession treatment traitors, prompting protests in Japan to britain. 1941 of them were killed early juntong agent Wang reserves in the central bank staff that touched on very large puppet. Dai Li can be said to be the most famous Chinese agents in modern history, although never served by the Military Commission (juntong) secretary duties, but the size of all the juntong juntong him as a "master", is the group’s "boss". But this one of the China agents with a great reputation ", the British authorities had been detained and put into prison for up to twelve hours, the prisoner was let off with unforgettable experience. From the longitudinal Tang Dai detention Tang longitudinal, also known as Tang Naijian, Hunan, graduated from the Whampoa  military academy six, the Anti Japanese war by the Embassy in Germany assistant military attache was transferred to the room attendants, served as the first group and the sixth group staff (Intelligence Group) leader and deputy bureau. He is regarded as one of the three giant army (the other two are Zheng Jiemin and Mao Renfeng). There are two records in his diary: June 10th that Dai hairy man, held in Hongkong for the Hong Kong Police, now request to appoint a British ambassador to negotiate electricity. British people are hateful, it can be said that the British people have no good faith in me. Soon, the man Fung phone, that has been released, but still not allowed to leave, must be made to guarantee. This Commission seat instructions to Hong Kong declared its status, and questioned why so unreasonable. But if the British side asked whether the committee report, can not answer. June 20th last night to visit the rain farmers (Dai Lizi), condolences to their injustice in Hongkong. It said the government had planned action to combat the fight against its internal personnel. Governor Luo Guofu called clouds, because he offended the Japanese, so he arrested. Ambassador Carle, listen to this very gas, immediately to the rain, Luo Guofu was sick, dying, please don’t mind. Tang longitudinal diary, only the two paragraph Dai Hongkong detained events, but still provide considerable information for our interpretation. First of all, Tang longitudinal diary provides accurate time for our Hongkong Dai Li was detained. As a result of this incident is not known, plus some network works mistakenly, rumours of mistakes, even Dai chronicle in it has also appeared in the wrong. That happened in November 1935 after the assassination of Wang Jingwei, Wang Yaqiao, Dai Li Xianming to Hongkong after Wang Yaqiao, the British side to be "illegal weapons to carry immigration" as an excuse to detain. Have article claimed that "in late March 1936, Hongkong newspapers are eye-catching banner headline published a message:" juntong agents detained Hongkong police chief Dai Li "". Some researchers believe that the "Dai Li to Hongkong time should be in 1940". Check the longitudinal Tang diary, the first passage time is June 10, 1941, it can be concluded that Dai detained time is June 9, 1941. Secondly, Tang longitudinal diary provides an explanation for the reasons we were off. The network rumors as mentioned in the previous section, Dai Li was associated with Wang Yaqiao, which is obviously the result of building wall. Researchers recognize.相关的主题文章: