Era of big asset allocation Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen fund four big secret fof layout path ca1810

The advent of Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen fund four giant secret FOF layout path – Asset Allocation Fund Channel era as an innovative product, a lot of people on the base of FOF is still poorly understood. September 23rd, the public offering of securities investment funds operating guidelines No. second – fund fund guidelines (hereinafter referred to as the FOF guidelines), the official release has opened the curtain of universal asset allocation. October 19th, Huaxia Fund announced that it will join hands with Russell investment, exclusive strategic cooperation, an important step in the substantive layout. As Ji An Jinxin Fund Evaluation Center Director Wang Qunhang said, FOF is a fundamental asset allocation. The gradual rise of the public offering of FOF will undoubtedly be the concept of FOF investment and value to millions of households. For public fund companies, plug in the wings of FOF, the scale will likely soar to a new height for ordinary investors, the public offering of FOF, will help expand the tentacles of family finance to a broader field. However, as an innovative product, a lot of people on the base of FOF is poorly understood, what is FOF? Why want to invest in FOF? How to participate in the FOF? When raised FOF when the official launch? In order to help people better understand the upcoming public offering of FOF products, public securities and financial information network reporter special interview about the four fund companies, a person in charge of FOF, they belong to the Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen in four different areas, and have been raised in the field of FOF carried out some exploration and layout. In Beijing on behalf of guests: on behalf of president of CCB fund assistant Zhao Lefeng Shanghai representative: Fortis fund multi asset investment strategy director Du Xiaohai in Guangzhou: Shenzhen area representative of GF fund asset allocation investment manager Lu Jingchang Yu Jun: the advantages of multi asset management investment manager boshijijin buy FOF is to buy the allocation of public securities and financial information network reporter compared with ordinary FOF: raised funds and private FOF are different to what advantage? Zhao Lefeng: buy the fund is most afraid of a "roller coaster", up and down, it is difficult to make money. Moreover, the average investor in the face of thousands of domestic fund products is also difficult to make a choice. More importantly, the timing is very difficult, when to buy? When to sell? Major asset market moves too fast, for general investors, and even professional investors are a major problem. The advantage of FOF is to help ordinary investors to do portfolio management and solve timing problems. At present, Chinese economy entered a period of adjustment, simple in a class of assets will face a certain degree of investment risk, through the FOF product categories of asset allocation based on fund selection and dynamic management, can reduce the fluctuation and enhance revenue. FOF is not a simple piling foundation, FOF is the optimal portfolio allocation, dynamic adjustment and fund selection based on quantitative model, through discipline and diversified investment to avoid the negative mood swings of the combination operation, to obtain long-term steady income. So, do FOF must be based on the globalization of multi asset allocation based on a large class of asset allocation. Generally, there is a low correlation between large assets.相关的主题文章: