Exascale supercomputers to start development the speed will be more than ten times the world’s faste manbetx.cc

Exascale supercomputers to start development: speed will be ten times higher than the world’s fastest source: Science and Technology Daily reporter 27 from the National Research Center for parallel computer engineering technology was informed by the center led the "E high performance computer prototype system development project is started, the speed will be ten times higher than the world’s fastest. This sign includes the core processor, the national production of exascale supercomputer into the actual development stage. At present, the world’s fastest development in parallel by the National Research Center of computer engineering technology "Shenwei · Taihu light" super computer, peak performance of 125.436PFlops, E (Exascale, the future development of high performance computing exascale per second) peak performance of the system will improve to one order of magnitude. More than 1000PFlops, will provide a strong support for the aerospace, material, climate and other areas of critical applications. It is understood that the E prototype system is the start of the "Shenwei · Taihu light" core processor, a comprehensive system upgrade, the system software and application support domestic processors, high performance network, based on the design of independent intellectual property rights, with all. Liang Jun, deputy director of the center, E computer in terms of efficiency, energy consumption, reliability and adaptability of the application is still facing unprecedented challenges, with a lot of uncertainty. The research and development of a certain size of the E computer prototype system, will fully verify the effectiveness of domestic core technology and innovative technology, to achieve a E level above the scale of the computer to provide a solid foundation. It is reported that the Ministry of science and technology of the national key support for a total of three different technical route of the E prototype system, respectively, by the national parallel computer engineering technology research center, National University of Defense Technology and the Department of dawn building.相关的主题文章: