Expert gathered! The Blue Dragon Film Award who won the Sohu to the satisfaction of all entertainmen noreply

Expert gathered! The Blue Dragon Film Award who won the Sohu Song Kanghao entertainment to the satisfaction of all – "spy"’s "tunnel"   " " Guo Duyuan cries "inside people"; Li Bingxian   Beijing News reported in November 8th the Korean film the most important film awards — the thirty-seventh Blue Dragon Film Awards Nominations announced this year, all of the popular film basic the cover. "Cry" caused a huge topic with 11 nominations, the box office hit zombie movies "Busan line" to meet as equals 10 nominations and the Cannes Film Festival, was nominated for the "Miss" 8 nominations, recent efforts to impact millions of people’s "secret agent" with 7 nominations, and by the river Zhengyu and Li Bingxian were led by the "tunnel", "inside people" of the 5 finalists. Actress award, the veteran occupy most of the seats, especially the actor, Duyuan, Song Kanghao, Li Bingxian, Guo, Zheng Yusheng’s five people are large chungmuro prize; the heroine, the old drama of bone Yin Ruzhen first surprise finalists, Jin Huixiu, Son Ye Jin and Jin Minxi are in the actor has been popular attention of the first-line star, young Han Yili was nominated for young actors earn a little face. The Blue Dragon Film Award and the Korean movie Bell Award and Korea paeksang arts awards and three Korean film awards. The Blue Dragon Film Festival Office in November 7th released a list of finalists, and plans to celebrate peace hall Hee University organized the film festival will be awarded 18 Department award in Seoul in 25, a total of 21 shortlisted works. When SBS live TV, popular star award, short film award and most Korean movie tickets will also be announced at the scene award. The thirty-seventh part of the Blue Dragon Film Awards finalists: best film "crying" "inside people" "East" column "secret agent" "Busan" "Miss" best director Jin Zhiyun "Luo Hongzhen" crying "spy" Park "Miss" Yu "Minhao Bureau people" Li Yi? "Column" best actor Guo Dong Duyuan crying "Song Kanghao" "secret agent" Li Bingxian "inside people" Zheng Yusheng "" He Zhengyu "Asura tunnel" best actress Jin Minxi "Miss" Jin Huixiu "goodbye, Son Ye Jin" Dehui "single" Lord Yin Ruzhen "Weng" miss Han Yili "Dionysus the worst day of" best supporting actor Jin Yicheng "Busan" Ma Dongxi "Busan" in the village "Wu Dashu" crying "falcon tunnel" Yan Taijiu "secret agent" best supporting actress Luo Meilan "Dehui" Dan "Weng main plain black priests" Bae Doo-Na "tunnel" Zheng Yumei "Busan line" 1000? "Cry" play the best new director Jin Taikun "goodbye a single," Yan Shanghao "Busan" Li Rijiong "the prosecutor Zhang Zaixian" the black swordsman "priests" Yin Jiaen "us"相关的主题文章: