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Fear having soybean yield "double meal" price easily under difficult Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter intern reporter Zheng Jun reporter Guan Ping by either a strong trend, the domestic soybean meal and rapeseed meal trend won some support. It is worth noting that, as the domestic soybean price benchmark, the US led strong U.S. soybean exports strong, domestic soybean meal prices of natural "gone", but in the US soybean yield is expected and the downstream demand is difficult to grow under the condition of having "double meal" price easily under difficult. Hongyuan agricultural products futures researcher Huang Xiaozhou believes that support domestic soybean meal go bullish factors are: strong U.S. soybean exports strong, export volume far exceeds the level of the same period and at the highest level in five years, the US led a stronger rebound in domestic soybean meal; soybean forecast that by September the number of Hong Kong an mom has decreased significantly, is expected in September soybean the port inventory number will not significantly increase; port soybean stocks are also in the low position. Data show that in September 2nd when the week, the soybean crushing capacity of 1 million 580 thousand tons, 120 thousand tons less than last week; oil refinery capacity utilization rate of 50.54%, the chain fell 3.84% last week. September soybean to Hong Kong is expected to remain at 5 million 700 thousand tons, in August was 7 million 416 thousand tons, in fact, in July to the port volume of 7 million 620 thousand tons. In addition to the US new strong sales and factory operating rate, the "double" during the market speculation also brought good news for soybean meal. Changjiang futures researcher Cao Bin believes that, from the current point of view, the market speculation atmosphere is relatively strong. As the main consumer in the world soybean, domestic soybean meal by U.S. influence, and National Day with the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the rise of domestic soybean demand speculation, resulting in U.S. soybean exports tension, soybean prices boost domestic meal strong. Compared with soybean meal prices are also strong, there is evidence to be found. Founder medium-term researcher Wang Xiaonan said that despite the recent rumors that Chinese and Canada rapeseed import standards to reach a consensus, but the Quality Supervision Bureau issued a notice to sign contract with 2% magazines imported rapeseed. If the rumors are true, imports of rapeseed quality standards will improve, will affect the import of domestic rapeseed. This is a great good, Canada is now on rapeseed, rapeseed CNF Canada Chinese price sharply higher, resulting in increase in the cost of imports, South squeezing profits fell back quickly, causing the market for oil refinery operating rate concerns, to further promote the meal prices. Growth from the recently released by the United States Department of agriculture crop report data can be seen, the excellent rate of U.S. soybean growth was 73%, soybean pod rate of 97%, soybean leaves were better than the numerical rate is 12%, or at the level of the same period last year. Institutions have raised in August report on U.S. soybean yield per mu, of which private analysis firm InformaEconomics expects U.S. soybean yield of 49.50 bushels per acre, soybean production will reach 4 billion 127 million bushels. In the long run, the biggest negative is the United States soybean production, followed by the latter part of the downstream theory相关的主题文章: