For autumn hand food — radish mutton rice – maternal Sohu ssport

After the fast food supplement for autumn – radish mutton rice – Sohu mother do radish radish mutton stew mutton soup last let me surprise my baby usually do not love soup, do not eat radish was also wiped out half a bowl of me to see the happy carrot stew soup is very delicious enough so, I think this delicious radish soup can not be wasted, and do not Steamed Rice rice nutrition, rice taste two not mistake at the cooking time, rice cooker pot a convenient and fast recipe: sheep meat 185g, white radish 180g, rice 100g, 20g large yellow rice and brown rice 20g spices: onion, ginger, garlic, cooking methods: Cooking reference month: 14 months above the degree of difficulty No difficulty tips: suitable for food ingredients are not allergic to the baby. * * * 1 prepare ingredients: white radish 180g, lamb 185g. PS: the amount of these ingredients are more suitable for the whole family to eat together. Can also be a part to make a soup, a part used for cooking. 3 cut the radish into the hob block. PS: a hob size, according to the age of babies to match, I like the size suitable for children over 2 years. A young baby needs to cut down. 4 the lamb will be repeatedly washed several times to remove blood, then cut into 1 cm pieces. PS: lamb meat, meat, fat shoulder meat, lamb chops are suitable for a stew, but belly meat, lamb is oily, do give the baby to eat it, you can choose shoulder meat, meat tender and not greasy. 5 cold water pot boiled mutton. On the way to float on the water floating skim off. PS: in order to try to put out boiled meat inside blood, must be cold water pot oh. Before the water on the surface of the meat into the pot, cooked quickly, blood was sealed inside. 6 to be able to change the smell of mutton out of standby. 7 to prepare a little onion ginger garlic. PS: onion, ginger and garlic are acceptable to the baby in the soup seasoning, it can go to the soup seasoning, meat fishy, but should pay attention to cut large point, this soup is good, very easy to catch up. A lot of treasure mom asked me how much can add onions, ginger, garlic, my proposal is the baby more than 12 months, if the taste of the food is not very picky, you can not add these onions, ginger, garlic. So, if the baby does not eat salt free foods, don’t try to use them to add salt, to increase fresh food. 8 white radish, mutton, onion ginger garlic into the pressure cooker. 9 add about 350ml water. PS: treasure the mother can according to their own home in the pressure cooker to adjust the water quantity of water to one-time add enough, not water, otherwise easy to smell. 10 start with a pressure cooker until the mutton is soft. But the specific need how long and fresh mutton stew, the degree, the size of the fire, the baby can chew.相关的主题文章: