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Foreign executives: high prices eventually let employees can only choose to escape foreign Japanese executives: high prices for employees from the morning of September 23rd, the Ministry of Commerce and the Wuxi municipal government jointly held a seminar on the development of service outsourcing industry, 10 representative enterprises to speak, 7 responsible person suggested that the government should make some measures to make city to retain more high-end talent. Many business executives said that the policy of attracting talent in Wuxi and other cities have been progressing for many years, has achieved remarkable results, but after these years of development, retaining talent has become the biggest challenge. The TOYOTA group has in Wuxi R & D institutions of the Japanese executives said, in response to Chinese upgrade policies, increase investment in Chinese R & D institutions, enterprises in recent years to recruit a lot of young people, but in the living environment and the education environment on the issue, led to the "brain" escape". In the living environment, many service outsourcing enterprises responsible person said, many projects are from Europe and other regions, because of the time difference docking with foreign customers, often go to work this afternoon, at work, in the park, after 21 PM will not "eat", living facilities are not in place; similarly, after the next generation of family, employees can not take care of the elders, and can not come into the city life. But among them, the biggest impact is soaring housing prices. Ultimately, only choose to escape". National Bureau of statistics data released in September 19th showed that in 2016 of August, 70 large and medium cities in China, Wuxi house prices rose by 4.9%, ranking in the top third. September 8th, Wuxi twice a day to refresh the history of the highest, including Taihu metro area prices have entered the 25 thousand era. A company official said, the current housing prices in Wuxi, but the statistical analysis showed that about 70% of the property buyers are not in the local work and family, so the characteristics of Wuxi real phenomenon is obvious. Wuxi service outsourcing industry developed, with the world’s top 100 in the field of the top 30, all of China’s top 50, is one of the Ministry of Commerce to carry out service outsourcing pilot cities. Wuxi’s plan is expected to reach $30 billion by 2020, accounting for about 10% of the country. Research on International Service Trade Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce Director Li Gang said, from a practical perspective, service trade is the most powerful industry to attract college students employment, to Chinese industrial transformation of great significance, but how many young people choose to settle after the local government is currently facing challenges. In addition, in addition to high prices make the talent to leave, many service outsourcing enterprises responsible person said, because the offshore business is the main body, it is recommended that the government innovation in foreign policy, to reduce the impact of exchange rate changes on enterprise cost. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: